The Next Big Thing

This blog is thirteen years old. Sheesh. It should be called Yo Mimi's Blog now. Thank you Google for the space. Here is my  NEXT BIG THING. I enjoy learning new things and currently am exploring the art of soap making. My grandmothers made soap in a pot outside over a fire using potash lye. I don't think they thought it fun nor an art form.
I have the luxury of experimenting with various oils, butters, herbs and fragrances. They made utilitarian soap, I get to make "frufru" soap. Sorry Grannies. You would have liked this better.

Here are some of my current experiments.

The fragrances are coconut lemongrass, lime margarita and a combination of the two.
My dad was a smart man without the benefit of a formal education. He was born prematurely in 1922 in rural Georgia in a house that was little more than a shack. Weighing in at two pounds, he was clothed in a diaper shirt which was then pinned to a small pillow, He was fed sugar water from a glove.His mother used a shoebox for a bassinet and placed it on the warming board of their wood burning stove. I can't imagine how he survived but evidently it agreed with him. He grew to be a strong, strapping, six-foot man.

Dad, or Papa, as his grandchildren would call him, grew up strong and tall but his family did not have it easy. His father was a sharecropper who died young. Dad learned to read and write but by his recollection stopped going to school in the third grade to work in the fields full time. Dad and his five siblings were raised by a strong woman whom I never knew. From others, I know she had a beautiful alto voice, was creative, had lush gardens and was much loved by my Dad. He…

Talking Pets

I'm also using this silly little app to teach kindergarten. It's called My Talking Pet. It's simple, fast, cheap and easy and the kids are mesmerized. They listen to the dogs much better than they listen to me. I'm sure the novelty will wear off eventually but I'll enjoy 100% engagement for as long as it lasts. Hopefully it won't create long term confusion about talking dogs.
Dogs Who Teach

Motown Speaks too

Jojo Speaks

My new obsession.

K instruction

Featuring Jesse Cruce and family. I'll keep working on my video skills but I enjoyed this project. More coming soon.

blurry like my vision

Painted today for the first time in a long while. Such good therapy.
Happy 2016