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discovering the medium

Really enjoyed reading Dooce this AM. My first visit. Thanks Kate for the recommendation. Her barrette suggestion made me think about your braided ribbon barrette phase. What a cutie pie you were...and still are. But hair accessories are no longer a daily consideration. I think we should bring them back. I laughed uncontrollably over the corn dog incident. Noles has a fondness for masking tape lint rollers. An occasional tampon rounds out her diet of the forbidden but thank heavens she stopped chewing on the furniture. I gave her a bath this morning and she is a much better smelling dog. I love her nice calm personality. We’ve never had a dog that sort of minds. Lint rollers are cheap enough.

Life is Too Short

I find myself eating like a fat kid again…this from Ms. Fitness (2003). It’s amazing how fast you gain weight back when you are overeating and being a slug. No duh. Recently I have had cause to start thinking about my own mortality again. Damn lab reports. I am actually rationalizing eating whatever I want by saying to myself…life is too short to deny yourself the good stuff. I realize this is flawed thinking…but a rather intriguing concept. The Life is Too Short Diet. I think I could sell it. The Life is Too Short Life Style Handbook could follow. And then The Life is Too Short Shoppers Guide, and the LITS Vacation Planner. Imagine life without restrictions. Then we would need the LITS to Let Excessive Behaviors Destroy You series. Opportunities abound

newbie blogging

It has recently come to my attention that there is an entire dimension of communications that I'm missing out on...I can't stand missing out. I've got to try it. So here goes.

Welcome to yo muthers blog .

grand pups

My children really need to start having babies. So we can stopped obsessing over these dawgs...I'm not talking to you Cara( please no dear God) ...but your older siblings.