Saturday, May 21, 2005

The Notsobrite's-Case 1

Thinking of changing our last name to Notsobrite. There is just cause.
Case 1. We are remodeling again. Have been for twenty-eight years…no lie. Carl and I removed “popcorn” from the ceiling in the hallway last weekend. We moved everything out before we began and closed all the doors leading to the bedrooms, closets, and bathroom. Carl even put plastic over the stairwell to keep the dust from floating downstairs. After trying several methods we decided the messiest looked best – of course. We used palm sanders to sand the texture off. It looks like the “knock down” effect that is on most of our walls. The dust was so thick we couldn’t see and we were both covered in drywall powder immediately. I whimped out after the first hour or so and Carl finished the job. The ceiling looks one hundred percent better. However, because we are Notsobrite, we didn’t think about our clothes closets. Our house is old and the bedroom closets are too small so we have larger closets that we use in the hall. They have bifold louvered doors on them. It really shouldn’t have come as a shock to us when we opened those doors but it did. I spent part of today vacuuming out my shoes. The washing machine has worked overtime all week. Six days later we’re almost back to normal...under construction normal anyway.

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