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Summertime and the living is busy

Each summer I think I’ll have plenty of time to do the things I never have time to do. But I never do- this expectation must be left over from my days in the classroom. I’m working four, ten hour days each week and we’re remodeling – the summer is going by in a whirlwind. We’ve spent a week with Katie and Barrett in their new house in Birmingham, went to Cedar Key for my birthday celebration weekend, (Thank you kind husband…that was a way sweet surprise) and I spent a weekend in Biloxi with my girlfriends from Alabama.

The weekend with the Alabama girlfriends was a lot of fun. The agenda consisted of nonstop catching up, eating, shopping and gambling. The camaraderie, food, and shopping were wonderful. The gambling was a bust. I have a very expensive plastic glass to show for my efforts (the word stupidity may be substituted for efforts here). I think I laugh more in those three days than I do for the entire rest of the year and I’m not really a somber person. I have a lot of fun with …

The Notsobrite's-Cases- 2, 3 and 4

Over the long holiday weekend Carl and I worked around the house. When we had all the fun we could stand here we went to the store and worked. He mowed while I attempted to weed. I bet passersby thought we had purchased one of those big butt women cutouts and stuck it in our flower bed. Nope. It was me. I weeded until I couldn’t breathe and every part of me was covered with sweat but the weeds remained victorious. They had been in control far too long to capitulate. I need heavy artillery to reclaim this strip of land. Hello Mr. Rototiller! Now who’s laughing hateful weeds? I can buy more junipers.

Over the long holiday weekend I painted our hallway the wrong color twice. I have tried to tell myself that it’s really not so bad but this morning after flinching upon flipping the light switch I realized it is…here goes coat number three. And it will be (insert drum roll here) a neutral sand color. The walls are currently the color of bile. That chip should have been labeled Bile not Sage.…