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The lost month

It’s the end of July and I have nothing to show for it…no incredible tan, no “rested” looks, no lighter circles under my eyes, no new epic novels read. I do feel lucky though to still have a mother. It was doubtful that I would. Mom fell and broke her hip on July 2. She’s 83. Her surgery on July 3 went well and she was up and walking on day two. Unfortunately by day three she started developing other problems...stemming from a C-dif (clostridium difficile) infection. Did you know that over 80 % of elderly people who get this retched infection die from it. Me neither- until I started reading. I wish I hadn’t started reading because learning about infections in hospitals isn’t comforting. Stay ignorant if you can.

Our family converged on Birmingham to rotate shifts in the hospital so that Mom wouldn’t be alone. By Saturday she was recovering and was headed to rehab on Monday. I drove back to Florida on Saturday to avoid being caught in the rains predicted from Hurricane Whatever. I spoke…