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Stock up on hurricane supplies. We’ve rented a condo for Labor Day weekend. Our family’s history of disastrous vacations guarantees an imminent strike on the East Coast of Florida. Oh please …oh please… vacation gods…let us play.

School has resumed and the madness is escalating at work as our department struggles to provide just adequate support for the technology that we have. If only we could soar…instead of limp along. The politics in the building are always interesting too. It amazes me that some can go so far with so little …as in so little intelligence, integrity or social graces. How do they do it?

Remodel update- wood flooring is installed in our bedroom. Carl and I can almost stand upright again. The room is painted Ralph Lauren’s Raffia – nice color, thank you very much K&B. Carl wants me to repaint the %@*! hall Raffia now. I told him the weight of another coat would probably bring the house down. That would be the fourth coat. But he’s right. It would look better. So m…