Saturday, December 31, 2005

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Beach, remodel and Christmas pictures

Posted by Picasa I have been playing around with Picasa. They keep making it easier. No resizing, optimizing, or ftp ing to deal with.

This is Fort Mantanzes, south of St.Augustine. (Better pictures at
Maddy, my adorable niece, sitting in my lap, bundled in her life jacket, as we traveled on the intercoastal, looked up into my face and asked in a worried, earnest tone, " Is that where the troll lives?"

Pre K can be a confusing place. Was that Billy Goat story fact or fiction?
The Landreths on Rattlesnake Island. Aren't you glad I got a camera with a zoom for Christmas. Thanks kids. Posted by Picasa
The traditional, we have eaten way too much, must go for a walk if we are to continue breathing, Christmas Day walk in lovely Florahome. Posted by Picasa
New Bathroom . Carl still has to put up crown molding and the closet door but it was functional before everybody arrived for ChristmasPosted by Picasa We about did ourselves in making that happen though. I learned more about painting. Dark colors make me crazy. It dripped and got gooey and needs to be sanded and repainted in places. I am still a big fan of white.

lavender Christmas soap