Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy Birthday Eldest

Happy Birthday Katie ! Twenty-eight years ago today we were filled with wonder as we saw you for the first time. You, our first peapiepunkinpus, have continued to fill us with awe and joy each day. Thank you God, for blessing us with Katie.

Hope your drive home today is good. Be safe. Be nice to each other :) We love you both.

Christmas 06

Click on Matt and Livi to see the album.

Livi on Wheels...and so it begins

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Unc BB meets Liv

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G'ma in Florida for the holidays

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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Livi sings with the Tribe

Youngest member of Aerial Tribe rehearses for fans
I'm having trouble with this again so here's the link in case you are too.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Keeping Liv

This is one sweet baby. We've read, played, walked, picked Satsumas and even washed the car and she has been happy the entire time. I've just put her down for her afternoon nap. She fussed a little, as in to say c'mon Mimi you know you want to play some more, don't leave me in here, hey aren't you supposed to spoil me, there are still plants outside that we haven't talked about, but she was out in five minutes. One of my favorite moments occurred today as we were rocking in the guest room. Livi discovered that if she pulls on the slightly wobbly table beside the rocker the glass beaded dangly things on the lamp shade will swing wildly. She looked at me with wide eyes the first time she did it wanting confirmation that she had really just accomplished that all by herself. Then she did it about 100 times more just because she could. Fun games are everywhere when you are eight months old.

Thanks Jesse and Leaa for sharing. We think it’s really cool that she is happy to go with any of her grandparents. She is a very well adjusted, precious, beautiful, brilliant, good natured, I could go on, little baby girl.

look at all this hair!

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Monday, December 18, 2006

The Wild Hounds of Florahome

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Mom, Dad, where are you? The food is good here, the squirrels are entertaining, my cousin is fun and Granma and Pops love me but I miss you.

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Sunday, December 10, 2006

drama at Camp David

Don't want to get "dooced" so I can't say much but here's a link to the latest in the childish behavior that currently rules our district. BTW I did work Friday but I was in the lab and unavailable for comment. Must have been a really slow news day. But the bad thing is this causes hurt feelings that get in the way of our job duties. This was a group of friends standing around talking for a few minutes, not political coercion.
Palatka Mullet Wrapper

Livi's laugh

Livi laughing at the park

Cara shot this video on her cell phone. The quality isn't great but Livi's laughter is priceless.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Damn thee Internet Explorer

Everything works better with Firefox.

Livi Kate

You are always in my head

Playing her first concerto... after she finished solving her daily algebra problem

What a kid. Leaa sent me this adorable picture today. This must be another phase of Livi's tonal therapy. Thanks, Leaa.


Someone else is spending entirely too much time with photo booth. We entertained ourselves for hours on Katie and B'dawg's Mac. Send me some of your favs Katie and I'll share 'em with the world. Well at least with the seven people who visit this blog on occasion.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Livi Cuteness


These large and somewhat ugly birds are daily visitors to our back yard. Happy to provide you fellas with a roost but we are wondering if you are waiting here for any specific reason?

btw - IE 7 was the evil one causing my technology angst yesterday. I downloaded Firefox last night and was able to see the missing toolbars in beta blogger.

whiney #!@%

Well I logged in this morning and could not insert photos or use picasa to upload photos on this blog. Durn. I suspect Internet Explorer 7 as the culprit but it did work correctly for a few days so maybe it's this beta blogger. I hate technology when it doesn't work right. I hate waking up stupid each day too because everything has changed overnight. I remember reading about starting a blog over a year ago and someone said e-blogger is fine to start with but you will probably want to use something else eventually. I guess I have arrived at eventually. I think I want a Mac too but since I have to fight Window battles all day at work - well it has been easier to stay with the same platform or so I reasoned but my Mac roots are calling me again. It's Katie and Barrett's fault. They have a new ibook. It's so pretty! I have a lab full of new Dell computers at work all displaying error messages and the fix ain't fixing 'em. Every update fills me with dread. Insert disgusted sigh here.

I'll post a new address here soon if I can't get this to straighten up and fly right.

I'm going for a walk. Then maybe do a little shopping. We're buying gifts for a three year old foster child, a little girl who likes princesses and shiny black leather shoes. Such fun! My sister, Cherie, is coming to visit tomorrow. She has received her new assignment and will be serving a Methodist Church in the Ft.Myers area. I hate that it will be so far away but glad she knows where she is heading. We actually know someone who attended the church,( one of Cara's swim coaches at UF) and he had good things to say about his church. That’s a good sign.

Hope your weekend is extra groovy and special. Peace.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

feeling a little like Christmas

Someone, whom I had just given a plate of our Christmas candy, called my thoughtful gift, white trash candy. Of all the gall! I really wanted to feel hurt and be mad about that but alas, I fear she was correct. Brutally honest and correct. If your recipes involve Captain Crunch, Saltines, Chex or pretzels ...well there's your sign. Here's one of our favorite recipes.
Might as well be proud of our heritage and share:) You don't need no stinking candy thermometer to make it either.
Cracker Candy aka Crack - for its addictive quality
¼ pound (one sleeve) saltine crackers
1 cup butter- do not substitute margarine- Paula would not approve.
1 cup sugar
1 – 12 oz. bag of chocolate chips
chopped nuts
Line cookie sheet with foil and butter well. Place the crackers evenly on the foil. Boil the butter and sugar for exactly 3 minutes. Pour over the crackers and bake in the oven at 400° F. for 10 minutes. Remove from the oven and sprinkle with the chocolate chips. As the chips melt, spread them evenly over the mixture, and sprinkle with nuts. When cool, break into pieces. Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 27, 2006

More cutie pies

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Cutie Pies

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back to the grind

It was wonderful having a long holiday weekend with all the family home. We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner at Ford and Aly's ( God love 'em for hosting a gathering for 25) , played with our cute and precious grandbaby, shopped, visited, ate too much and just enjoyed ourselves. Katie and Barrett went home on Sunday. That fact and going back to work today was slightly depressing but at least we were so busy that it went by quickly.

Carl and Barrett picked out our tree this year and they get kudos for finding the best one. Of course Katie had already lectured them on the importance of height, fullness and shapeliness and they have both experience tree shopping with Katie before so they knew they had to get it right...or else. Good job, men.

Leaa called tonight to tell me that Livi has a new trick. Whenever someone admires her new shoes she lifts her foot to provide a better view. She is also waving now but you have to be watching for it or you'll miss it. I think she'll be crawling in another few weeks. That will motivate me to get busy child proofing around here.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

flash back graphics

I'm posting the cover of a power point presentation that I created this week. I had fun making it. The Typepad accounts that we're using for follow up discussions on training are keeping me busy but the product works well. It has required a good bit of reading though. I was able to share the entire presentation on this page.
Not doing much from home lately because I'm blogged out by the end of the day.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Nice Day

I had the pleasure of teaching a workshop for our Media Specialists today. This is a lively group of ladies with lots of courage when it comes to dealing with technology. They ain't afraid of no stinkin technology. They make my job easy. They are also very sweet and presented me with "thank you" flowers . I feel special. I complain about my job sometimes on this blog but for the most part I look forward to going to work every day. Well...except for September when all those accounts have to be managed each year but that's only one month out of twelve so I should count my blessings.
The Ravine Scream is this weekend. Friday is a no fright night for little ones. The theme is an enchanted ravine full of fairies and storybook characters. They have a little carnival and hay rides around the ravine. I have volunteered as a storyteller again this year. We ride on the wagons and set up the vignettes that are scattered along the way. It's always fun but the amount of organization and work put into these things is incredible. All the meetings I've attended have been long and painfully slow-paced. Bless those who have attended all of them. My sister is bringing her granddaughters who are visiting this weekend from Lakeland and Livi Kate will be there too. On Saturday night they bring out the ghouls and all the fairy tale scenes become displays of carnage and mayhem. The Ravine Scream is a fund raiser for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the Friends of the Ravine. You should come if you can. Tickets are available at the gate.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I hate to admit defeat. I can paste the html code that the google beta video site creates into a regular web page and it works fine. Why can't I get it to work on blogger? hmmm. If you too are exploring the wonders of this technology and have arrived at some helpful insights I would really appreciate your help. Comments are always open here. Even though NONE of my visitors ever leave messages except for Ford and Aly. Thanks Ford and Aly. The rest of your blogosphere voyeurs need to start leaving me some messages.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Aerial Tribe

The Tribe is on the move.

We are thinking about you guys and hoping you are having a great tour. Get that video camera out Jesse. MTV will want the footage and we do too. Be safe. We love you!

Friday, October 20, 2006


I've been playing with Google's beta video and it appears that it will be super easy to use once they get it working consistently. Here is a photo story that I created tonight. There's a handy link claiming that it will post it to blogger but I'm having trouble connecting to their server. I got it to work once with the driving video but can't get it to work again. Oh well. I''ll give them some time to work out the bugs. Since this is all free it seems the least I can do:)

This week has been fun at work. Lots of new things to learn including setting up a Typepad account for the district to use for follow up with professional development. I actually tried to use blogger instead but their new spambot ate the page that I had posted. I had included our agenda with lots of links and evidently that set off the spambot's alarm. The other thing that concerned me is the little search blogger tool that is at the top of blogger pages. The content filter isn't sufficient for schools.

What old people do for FUN!

Fuzzy and Wheezy out for a drive

Sunday, October 15, 2006

The best medicine

Click on Livi's picture to see more.

This baby just keeps getting cuter and cuter if that is possible. I had the joy of her company yesterday and we had our first good laugh together. She is always happy, well 99 percent of the time anyway. I have heard her giggle and coo and make squealing adorable happy baby sounds but yesterday marked a first. Livi and I were sitting on the sofa together when Nollie brought me her nasty old toy squirrel. She wanted to play catch. I tried to ignore Nollie and her smelly toy squirrel but she wasn't having it. She barked at me and startled Livi. I was afraid that Livi was going to cry but instead, after a good sixty second delay, she started laughing. It was the most infectious sound I've ever heard. So of course I had to get Nollie to bark again and each time she did Livi would just fall over laughing deep belly laughs. Carl was taking a nap so I had to wake him up to join the fun. We carried on for a good fifteen minutes. How cool is it that we got to share her first belly laugh. Later, after we had calmed down, Livi would look at me and smile this coy little smirk as if to say that was a good one Granma. And indeed it was Miss Alivia Kate.

We went for a nice long walk yesterday and today.The weather has been perfect this weekend. I love Florida when it starts to get cool. After walking today we came home and ate banana pudding that Ford and Aly dropped off last night. It probably negated the effects of our exercise but it is seriously delicious. Thanks F&A. They shared the recipe on their blog as well as a lot of other new stuff. I just got caught up. You guys have been busy! Good recipes, pictures and lots of news.

Friday, October 06, 2006


B'ham Oct. 06
Sep 29, 2006 - 15 Photos

I'm playing with Google's new web album. Click on the picture to check it out. The photos are from our trip to Birmingham last week. The pictures were taken at the Botanical Gardens on Friday with Mom and Mark and at Cathy's home on Saturday. Thanks Cathy, for hosting our get together. It always fun to get together with the gurlfriends. Yall are nuts. I'm glad I got to see Sara Beth and Stephen P. too. They are beautiful young adults! Can we really be old enough to have grown children?

We wanted to pack Katie and Barrett up and bring them home with us. It was good to get to visit... just wasn't long enough. Congratulations on the new job, B'dawg! We're proud of you. Hope your package arrived today. Love you all!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Posted by PicasaWe celebrated Cara’s 18th birthday on the 9th. It’s hard to believe that our baby is 18. It seems like only yesterday we were at the hospital, during a hurricane, awaiting her arrival. She was three weeks earlier than predicted, although not three weeks premature. Go figure, obviously we should have. She was also sideways or transverse but the day before the doctor had said she was head first, on the launching pad, ready to go. She liked to tumble. We know now that she was already practicing her flip turns.
Katie got to come home for Cara’s birthday last weekend too. We talked about the day that we brought Cara home from the hospital. Katie was ten when Cara was born and knew she had the ultimate baby doll arriving. I’ll never forget the expression on Katie’s face when she realized that we weren’t going to turn over the baby to her exclusively as soon as we walked in the door. Her expression was so pitiful. Katie reminded me that was just until the new wore off then we were only too glad to hand her over. And then the baby turned into a toddler and was always in her purse looking for whipwops.
Thank you God, for blessing us with Cara Lauren.

Livi eats her toes

Posted by Picasa Amazing footage

Happy 18th

Cara claims her cake Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 04, 2006

Sand Flea Hunting

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Aerial view

Livi’s Dad perpetuates her belief that she can fly. Posted by Picasa

Labor Day Weekend at Ormond Beach

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

4 months old today

Happy Birthday Livi Kate! You make this world a better place. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Care Bear at the Fort

Photo by Blane... thanks Blane! I really like this shot.

Mo pictures

Note that Mom and calf sport the same hairdo along this scenic route

Saturday Morning Walk

Carl and I took a four mile walk today. Florahome is such a nice place to do that because there are miles and miles of barely traveled scenic dirt roads. Occasionally though, you have to worry about the criminally insane who live on these scenic byways. Guess you have to worry about criminally insane people wherever you walk but I am thinking it may be a little scarier when you are four miles deep in the woods. The route we took this morning passes by a house with a dog kennel. These are hunting dogs btw, not poodles. There was a riotous dawg raucous for the five to ten minutes it took us to go by. So much for a stealth approach, but as we passed the house which sits in front of the dog kennel I took a picture of a squirrel on a tree. Evidently the redneck that dwells within thought I was photographing his home and evidently he found this to be extremely offensive. He screamed for us MF ing a holes to get away from his gd house. He didn’t abbreviate though. I wanted to scream back- it’s a public road you mf ing a hole, also without abbreviating, but I refrained for fear he might be armed and we weren’t. I’m sharing the picture of the redneck a hole’s tree, albeit not a very good picture of the wily squirrel. If you ever amble by be sure to take lots of pictures and maybe a gun.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Nollie's fav

what is it about this family and rubber chickens? Posted by Picasa