Thursday, January 19, 2006

A tech story worth archiving

Part of my job involves helping to provide tech support to folks in our building and as any support person will agree there are some voices you just hate to hear on the phone because you know it is going to be painful. These voices belong to the same people who have downloaded those cute little bunny ears to replace their cursors. I received such a call, and after inspecting the damage , decided the easiest thing would be to reformat the machine. I was packing it up to haul back to my office when I spotted the keyboard box under the desk that I had put all the documentation, software and drivers in when I had set up her machine initially. I had written, in bold black marker, DO NOT THROW AWAY on the top of the box. It makes reformatting so much faster to have the original drivers on a CD. I was relieved to see it until I opened it. She hadn't thrown the box away, only its contents.

Somebody Stop Me!

Today while reading the Palatka Daily Fish Wrapper, I saw a picture of a ten week old puppy and I want him. He is a chow/shepherd mix, like our Einstein was, and he is so cute he is irresistible. Einstein was too. Nollie needs company. I worry that she is lonely and depressed while we are gone. The pound pooch’s name is Fuzzy. See- it’s an omen. He is already bearing a family name.

Yep, Carl’s nickname is Fuzzy because he is indeed fuzzy. And my nickname is Wheezy because whenever I get really tickled I wheeze with every laugh. Could be worse, right? I could snort. I have a friend who is a snorter and it’s damn near the funniest thing I have ever heard. I wheeze uncontrollably every time she does it. I should probably share a recording of that right here on this very blog. Whenever Carl and I are on a roll with our witty,barbed, banter, usually right before the fight breaks out for real, the kids call it the Fuzzy and Wheezy Show. Jesse has threatened to write us a theme song. I’ll post it here too.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Cara had friends out tonight for a bonfire. I always joke that we would do a bonfire and weenie roast for Katie on her Birthday ( New Years Eve) if only she would celebrate it in Florahome. OK, maybe not on New Year's Eve but it was fun for just a cold night in January. There was a beautiful full moon. Posted by Picasa
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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Tweeking the room. We put up molding and painted the trim again. I believe we are finished.!!! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Multiples of Molie formerly known as Nollie. Our yard is nothing but a series of potholes where she has dug for moles. She and Frannie and Aggie killed one while they were all here for Christmas.
I thought this effect from Picasa's collage options was fun- of course most folks might prefer just two superimposed images-Less chance of feeling dizzy I suppose. Isn't she a sweet looking dog? Carl didn't think she was terribly sweet this morning when her barking kept waking him up.

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