Saturday, February 18, 2006

Happy B'day Jesse D

Twenty-four years ago today Carl and I walked into the hospital around noon and three hours later held a perfect 9 lbs 14.5 oz beautiful baby boy in our arms. Being the cool hip people that we considered ourselves to be at that time, we were trained in the Lamaze and Leboye delivery methods . My doctor, a kind and wise soul, was hip too. He handed Jesse off to Carl immediately after his birth to be submerged in his waiting warm bath in our darkened birthing room. It really was remarkable. He was so big and had been so crowded for the last few weeks that he was sluggish at birth. A fact that caused me worry as soon as the doctor said it, but when Carl placed him in the water he relaxed and started kicking his legs and checking things out as if to say " What is this roomy womb? Whatever it is I like it. And who is this fuzzy person holding me? He looks like a push-over." And you were so right. Thank you God, for blessing us with Jesse ,24 years ago today. Happy Birthday son.

****INTERRUPTED BY CARA!!!!! I LOVE MY MOMMMY!!!***** Dad said I could go to New York if I found a John Mayer Trio concert there. So I need the computer. Mom will return shortly.*

She has her own computer and it's nicer than mine. What's up with that? We didn't use the Lamaze and Leboye method of delivery with her. By then we had realized we really weren't all that cool. That's another story I'll save for her birthday. I love you too, brat.

Jesse and Leaa are on their way to see Katie and Barrett today. And Katie is coming home next weekend for the baby shower. I can't wait to see her. All this love is making me feel warm and fuzzy. Speaking of Fuzzy. He is upstairs working and we are supposed to go to the River Festival today so I'd better go nag or we'll end up working at home all day.

Monday, February 13, 2006

hogs and quiches

Happy Valentines Day my family and friends. I love you all. Hogs and quiches.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

The lovely St.Johns River Posted by Picasa

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Happy Anniversary to Fuzzy and Wheezy

Tomorrow Carl and I will have been married 29 years. Some of them have been far better than others but all of them make us who we are and have become together so I cherish them all. I cherish him too but that is not to say that we cannot irritate the pea turkey wine out of each other. Don’t ask me about pea turkey wine. I don’t know where it came from or what it is but it has always been part of my vernacular. A vernacular often stifled but always waiting for opportunities. But back to irritating, I found the perfect Valentines Day card for him. The front says “Sometimes I just want to hug you till you pop.” And inside,” other times, I just want to pop you” How romantic. I also bought him a mean anniversary card while the one he gave me was so sweet it made me cry. Not the card actually, but what he had written in it. Maybe I should double up on my patches for awhile. I really do love you CC.

Several weekends ago we stopped by to see J&L while we were running errands in town. I had been baby shopping – such fun- and couldn’t wait to deliver the goods! OK they really didn’t need the tiny little pink bath robe that matched the tiny little pink bunny slippers but it was too cute to leave at the store. This grandparent thing is going to rock.

But I digress; I wanted to mention that we walked in on them making... music. Scared you for a minute, didn't I ? Jesse was playing guitar and Leaa singing and it was hauntingly beautiful. I am not sure they understand how much talent they possess. I know I am biased but I am not deaf. I can’t wait to hear the new CD that is suppose to be finished in time for you know who's arrival.