Friday, March 31, 2006

Busy week

Weekend update- Cara had her wisdom teeth removed last Friday and was in tooth pain hell for about five days. She is finally feeling better. She has a dry socket that must be repacked several times a week until new tissue grows over the exposed bone. Sounds terrible doesn't it? It looks terrible too. They pack a strip of gauze ( ?) which has been soaked in clove extract into the empty tooth socket . It looks like a six inch brown curly worm. But the treatment has had the desired affect. She isn't in pain.

In addition to Cara feeling bad my computer has been infected with something - even though I am using a firewall, virus protection and anti spyware software and yes they were all updated. The hackers won that round. But anyway I haven't had time to write this week and I actually missed it. I have been blogging for a year now - so I am celebrating a year of public stupidity, to quote Heather B Armstrong.

Jesse listed his first house today. How exciting. His beautiful wife is officially on leave now and the count down to delivery begins. That's really really exciting!

Katie has a new job! We are thrilled. She will be working fewer hours and earning more money. A win win situation. I know she is happy too. The hours with the symphony were terrible and the raises almost nonexistence.

Carl is demolishing two rooms. It will never end here in the money pit. He discovered termite damage and then more termite damage and then more termite damage, etc. He has a plan and a vision. I am just depressed about it and totally unmotivated to do the house cleaning that needs to be done - as in why bother? Hopefully this will pass soon or the health department may intercede.
Happy Friday!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Ashley Rocks!

You did good Ashely! You have a beautiful voice.
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You never know who is going to be in the audience

Nine of the store's student bands performed at the fair today. I am always impressed with Carl's ability to accomplish this feat. He has good help but just the logistics of successfully moving forty some odd people and their instruments on and off the stage with minimal transition time is nothing short of miraculous to me. And that's only one small part of it. He has developed a very unique instruction program which has enriched the lives of many over the last 30 years. I am proud of you CC. Sometimes in the haze ( but not a purple haze) of our day to day business I forget to tell you that. I enjoyed seeing you perform today. And you too Jesse D. Posted by Picasa

Monday, March 20, 2006

Happy B'day to this sweetie pie

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Hi from Orlando. Its crowded up in this place. I need two lane roads without traffic to maintain my zen outlook on life. Either that or drugs. Since I will be in and out of workshops and the girls have their own plans, we decided two cars would make life easier this trip so I followed Cara and her friend Ashley down this evening. Ashley's brothers live here and she knew a back way that was better than my normal route but it was still a relief to arrive safely. There seemed to be more crazy people on the road than usual. ( And they were probably all drunk Katie and Jesse) Katie and Jesse tell me they grew up thinking all drivers were drunk because I had warned them so frequently as teenagers to watch out for all the drunk drivers) Just wait- you'll be issuing your own warnings soon and then you'll know just how wise and only slightly paranoid yo muther really is. Perhaps we should not teach Alivia the words "dangerous chemical" until she is say- five or so though. Maybe I was wrong to make sure you knew it right after dada and mama. Maybe- but you never drank bleach so there.

I am attending FETC ( Florida Educational Technology Conference) and taking workshops for the next three days. It's always fun and motivational and I love seeing all the new products. Its a geek's candy store.

Monday, March 13, 2006


Working on a project on the side. I hope they like this banner. The old church is in a beautiful location.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Coming Soon

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Saturday on the St.Johns

Nice day for boating. We saw two large gators sunning on logs. They let us get close enough to snap some pictures before diving in, probably muttering "damn tourists" as they went.

funny faces

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Monday, March 06, 2006

cutie pies

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KT and Care Bear

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KT's arrival

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Nollie moves

Nollie is better today! She didn't move for three days unless I moved her and yes, my children who were making all those comments about their Mama freaking out- I did freak out -and so would you if your dawgs stopped moving and eating. Nollie's lab work was improved today, and she isn't running a temperature so hopefully that's that. This morning at 2:00am she climbed the stairs for the first time since Thursday. She wanted to go out. Hallelujah!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Nollie's bad trip to the vet

Beware pet owners- We've had a increase in our tick population so when I took Nollie in for her yearly check up and vaccinations we added the Lymes Disease vaccine. Evidently she has had a bad reaction to it. Several hours after we got home she started running around with her head down and back bowed, rubbing on all available surfaces, trying to get in and under things, digging and spinning in circles in the yard. She is running a low grade fever. I feel so bad and responsible. When I googled allergic reaction to lymes disease vaccines I found terrible things. It can be fatal. I'll never request another vaccination without researching it first. Please say a prayer that Nollie Fuzzoli will recover. We saw the vet again this morning and she is currently taking Benedryl every six hours. She's sedated but not normal. We will go back to the vet in the morning if not improved.