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Alivia Kate arrived this morning at 12:16. She is beautiful and perfect ( just ask her Granma if you don’t believe it!) . She weighs 6lbs 15oz and is 19 inches long. She has dark hair, blue eyes, Jesse’s long fingers and toes and Leaa’s little nose. Leaa had to have a c-section so she is doing OK but will have a few rough days ahead until she starts to feel normal again. I know she appreciates all your thoughts and prayers. We all do.

Thank you God for blessing us with Alivia.

Not yet.

There is a pool if you want to play.

globe trotters

except from an email received. I edited the personal stuff.

"We have done a lot of traveling this semester - We took my folks to Bali when they were here after Christmas - D's been to Africa, Taiwan, Singapore, and today is leaving for Jakarta. I've been to Taiwan, three trips to Singapore and a couple of weeks in the states. V has done quite a bit of traveling for work and he'll be going to the states next month for a conference and a visit with his mom. ...We expect to be here one more year - two at most, so I want to see the Great Wall and the Terra Cotta Warriors in China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, the Taj Mahal in India, and New Zealand. All except New Zealand will be two to three days trips, so I'm hopeful that we can get them all in next year."

Yes ,I have a friend living this life...I hope you don't mind if I share Beth. I am impressed with your worldliness! You have traveled far from Leeds.

My friend Beth is all over the place, Ford and Aly are in Englan…

Easter Sunday

We decided to break tradition this year and rather than our ususal Easter Sunday meal after church we had a picnic and went on a boat ride. It was a fun change. We still managed to over eat but at least we weren't tempted to sit around and nod off like old people. This is the Halifax River in Daytona AKA I-4. Our little nieces were so cute that I just wanted to squeeze them. It was wonderful to spend time with our families.

Some days are better than others


Daisy Doo




Nollie's bad trip to the spa

You may remember a similar post entitled Nollie's bad trip to the vet. We've decided to keep the poor hound at home from now on. Last Friday Nollie went to get a bath and a "Sani" clip. They trim her shaggy paws and clip around her bum and on her belly so it stays cleaner. Around 2:00 the groomer called very upset. She said she had cut Nollie. My mind raced because she sounded so distraught. Did she need stitches? Were her ears intact? It wasn't that kind of cut. Another golden retriever was in for a shave. The groomer grabbed the wrong dog. Our cute puppy looks like a lopsided rat. However she thinks she looks good and we haven't told her otherwise. The groomer, who normally does an excellent job, was so upset she forgot to finish one leg. And then to add insult to injury when Cara arrived to pick her up she was still on the table and she got so excited she fell...with the leash still around her neck.

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I had a doctor’s appointment today, just routine stuff, but I saw a new doctor in an office I had never visited. The first thing I noticed was a huge American flag hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the waiting room and the second thing I noticed was the FOX news channel playing. Hmmm, is it just me or would you have thought you were in a Republican camp too ? I think I should have included political party affiliation with the other questions I asked before selecting my physician. There was no mention of politics and I told myself to stop being silly but what does it say that those were my first thoughts? I am patriotic, although I don’t own a flag, and I prefer NPR news but why is a flag now a republican symbol for me? It shouldn’t be.

I’ve been hopping from school to school this week doing workshops with a very nice representative from Discovery Education. Our district has purchased a subscription to United Streaming so we were showing the product and doing introductory instru…