Sunday, September 17, 2006

Posted by PicasaWe celebrated Cara’s 18th birthday on the 9th. It’s hard to believe that our baby is 18. It seems like only yesterday we were at the hospital, during a hurricane, awaiting her arrival. She was three weeks earlier than predicted, although not three weeks premature. Go figure, obviously we should have. She was also sideways or transverse but the day before the doctor had said she was head first, on the launching pad, ready to go. She liked to tumble. We know now that she was already practicing her flip turns.
Katie got to come home for Cara’s birthday last weekend too. We talked about the day that we brought Cara home from the hospital. Katie was ten when Cara was born and knew she had the ultimate baby doll arriving. I’ll never forget the expression on Katie’s face when she realized that we weren’t going to turn over the baby to her exclusively as soon as we walked in the door. Her expression was so pitiful. Katie reminded me that was just until the new wore off then we were only too glad to hand her over. And then the baby turned into a toddler and was always in her purse looking for whipwops.
Thank you God, for blessing us with Cara Lauren.

Livi eats her toes

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Happy 18th

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Monday, September 04, 2006

Sand Flea Hunting

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Aerial view

Livi’s Dad perpetuates her belief that she can fly. Posted by Picasa

Labor Day Weekend at Ormond Beach

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