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This baby just keeps getting cuter and cuter if that is possible. I had the joy of her company yesterday and we had our first good laugh together. She is always happy, well 99 percent of the time anyway. I have heard her giggle and coo and make squealing adorable happy baby sounds but yesterday marked a first. Livi and I were sitting on the sofa together when Nollie brought me her nasty old toy squirrel. She wanted to play catch. I tried to ignore Nollie and her smelly toy squirrel but she wasn't having it. She barked at me and startled Livi. I was afraid that Livi was going to cry but instead, after a good sixty second delay, she started laughing. It was the most infectious sound I've ever heard. So of course I had to get Nollie to bark again and each time she did Livi would just fall over laughing deep belly laughs. Carl was taking a nap so I had to wake him up to join the fun. We carried on for a good fifteen minutes. How cool is it that we got to share her first belly laugh. Later, after we had calmed down, Livi would look at me and smile this coy little smirk as if to say that was a good one Granma. And indeed it was Miss Alivia Kate.

We went for a nice long walk yesterday and today.The weather has been perfect this weekend. I love Florida when it starts to get cool. After walking today we came home and ate banana pudding that Ford and Aly dropped off last night. It probably negated the effects of our exercise but it is seriously delicious. Thanks F&A. They shared the recipe on their blog as well as a lot of other new stuff. I just got caught up. You guys have been busy! Good recipes, pictures and lots of news.


Ford & Alyson said…
Love the pictures! Love our beautiful Livi...

I wish we could have given you some warning rather than just dropping in on you all the other night. It is always great being around you guys. Hope all is going well.


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