I've been playing with Google's beta video and it appears that it will be super easy to use once they get it working consistently. Here is a photo story that I created tonight. There's a handy link claiming that it will post it to blogger but I'm having trouble connecting to their server. I got it to work once with the driving video but can't get it to work again. Oh well. I''ll give them some time to work out the bugs. Since this is all free it seems the least I can do:)

This week has been fun at work. Lots of new things to learn including setting up a Typepad account for the district to use for follow up with professional development. I actually tried to use blogger instead but their new spambot ate the page that I had posted. I had included our agenda with lots of links and evidently that set off the spambot's alarm. The other thing that concerned me is the little search blogger tool that is at the top of blogger pages. The content filter isn't sufficient for schools.


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