back to the grind

It was wonderful having a long holiday weekend with all the family home. We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner at Ford and Aly's ( God love 'em for hosting a gathering for 25) , played with our cute and precious grandbaby, shopped, visited, ate too much and just enjoyed ourselves. Katie and Barrett went home on Sunday. That fact and going back to work today was slightly depressing but at least we were so busy that it went by quickly.

Carl and Barrett picked out our tree this year and they get kudos for finding the best one. Of course Katie had already lectured them on the importance of height, fullness and shapeliness and they have both experience tree shopping with Katie before so they knew they had to get it right...or else. Good job, men.

Leaa called tonight to tell me that Livi has a new trick. Whenever someone admires her new shoes she lifts her foot to provide a better view. She is also waving now but you have to be watching for it or you'll miss it. I think she'll be crawling in another few weeks. That will motivate me to get busy child proofing around here.


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