Keeping Liv

This is one sweet baby. We've read, played, walked, picked Satsumas and even washed the car and she has been happy the entire time. I've just put her down for her afternoon nap. She fussed a little, as in to say c'mon Mimi you know you want to play some more, don't leave me in here, hey aren't you supposed to spoil me, there are still plants outside that we haven't talked about, but she was out in five minutes. One of my favorite moments occurred today as we were rocking in the guest room. Livi discovered that if she pulls on the slightly wobbly table beside the rocker the glass beaded dangly things on the lamp shade will swing wildly. She looked at me with wide eyes the first time she did it wanting confirmation that she had really just accomplished that all by herself. Then she did it about 100 times more just because she could. Fun games are everywhere when you are eight months old.

Thanks Jesse and Leaa for sharing. We think it’s really cool that she is happy to go with any of her grandparents. She is a very well adjusted, precious, beautiful, brilliant, good natured, I could go on, little baby girl.


Ford & Alyson said…
If she becomes just too much of a hand full - you know you can give us a call... yeah, right :)

Isn't baby blue eyes something else? Enjoy.

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