whiney #!@%

Well I logged in this morning and could not insert photos or use picasa to upload photos on this blog. Durn. I suspect Internet Explorer 7 as the culprit but it did work correctly for a few days so maybe it's this beta blogger. I hate technology when it doesn't work right. I hate waking up stupid each day too because everything has changed overnight. I remember reading about starting a blog over a year ago and someone said e-blogger is fine to start with but you will probably want to use something else eventually. I guess I have arrived at eventually. I think I want a Mac too but since I have to fight Window battles all day at work - well it has been easier to stay with the same platform or so I reasoned but my Mac roots are calling me again. It's Katie and Barrett's fault. They have a new ibook. It's so pretty! I have a lab full of new Dell computers at work all displaying error messages and the fix ain't fixing 'em. Every update fills me with dread. Insert disgusted sigh here.

I'll post a new address here soon if I can't get this to straighten up and fly right.

I'm going for a walk. Then maybe do a little shopping. We're buying gifts for a three year old foster child, a little girl who likes princesses and shiny black leather shoes. Such fun! My sister, Cherie, is coming to visit tomorrow. She has received her new assignment and will be serving a Methodist Church in the Ft.Myers area. I hate that it will be so far away but glad she knows where she is heading. We actually know someone who attended the church,( one of Cara's swim coaches at UF) and he had good things to say about his church. That’s a good sign.

Hope your weekend is extra groovy and special. Peace.


Diana said…
Hey Marsha, I haven't been on your blog for awhile so I'm commenting on an old post of yours. I got a mac mini OSXTiger in June '06. Love it and if there are programs that you need to run in windows you can partition the hard drive to run windows(of course your still get the stinkin'errors). Since I already had decent monitor and such the mini was the best choice for me. Diana

p.s. I stopped by the store last week, your little Livi is adorable!!

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