Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy Birthday Katie

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A recap of twenty-nine years ago today. The birthing of a Pugpie.

My Mom and Dad were already on the scene waiting for the arrival of our first child. They had accompanied me to Publix on the afternoon of the 30th to pick up our black eyed peas and rice. While checking out I noticed a funny pulling sensation and then felt a rush of liquid. Oops. Clean up. Isle one. Mom and Dad hurried me to the car and we went home to retrieve your Dad. He wasn't there. He was at Tom's. Tom didn't have a phone and he lived down a looong bumpy dirt road. We came back to the house to drop off Mom and Dad, Carl in tow, and he had the gall to ask if he had time to take a shower. Turns out he did but I wasn't sure about that so he took a verbal lashing. Now known as the pre delivery fight. These are worse than pre trip fights although easier to win. Seriously, who can argue with a woman in labor. We drove over to Shands where I was checked and told to come back when the contractions were closer together. Home was a forty-five minute drive away so we opted for a movie in town instead. It was a Neil Simon film,California Suite. Don't remember a thing about it. I focused on timing contractions and by the end of the film thought I might be a candidate for admission. That was around 9:00pm. Your Dad was a rock, a strong arm to rely on through the entire wonderful experience. I will always remember what a loving caring helpmate he was. ( He wrote that part, can you tell?) A few minutes after midnight we held you for the first time and we knew that our lives would never be the same. You are a blessing.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

sharing yet more December pictures

Yet more pictures from Dec.

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I lifted some of these off Katie's case you thought some of these look familiar Katie. I love the ones of you and Barrett and Cara in front of your tree. Thanks for sharing:)

sharing more December pictures


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Monday, December 10, 2007

Had to do it

Odd things in the sky today

In addition to seeing snow this morning and a beautiful foggy sunrise, this blimp floated over me when I went out for lunch today. Photo ops everywhere! We've had a lot of helicopter traffic tonight too and a sonic boom of sorts this afternoon. It sounded more like a sound effect from Star Wars than a boom though. I am glad that the Post Master confirmed hearing it too or I would not have believed my ears. Camp Blanding testing starships maybe?
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Snow at our house

AKA dry wall dust. This confused Mom when she looked out the window today. She knows it doesn't snow in Florida. Carl has discovered a new way of decorating for the holidays

Morning Drive

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Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Eagle has Landed


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These are my sweet nieces. I met them and their parents and my sister in Lakeland for lunch and to do the G'ma swap. They are growing up so fast. Mom is settling in. We had a visit from Jesse and Leaa and Livi today. That always makes for a wonderful day. Mom has never seen a more advanced baby than Liv. She is indeed a miracle.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Nov pics

New Album 11/26/07 9:59 PM

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It's good to be home. Birmingham and Jackson were fun. Seeing everyone was priceless but long car trips just ain't no fun. We were on the road for eleven hours yesterday. I needed a day to recover but (woe is me) I had to work today from 7:30 to 6:00. I taught a fun class tonight though so that sort of revived me. Pictures to follow soon.

Lesson Learned

Surfing while traveling at 80 mph may cause nausea.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Live from I-10

Hiddy Ho there neighbors. We are on our way to Birmingham. Just snagged Cara from her dorm. Carl is driving 80 mph and I am surfing and blogging. I love technology.

Monday, November 12, 2007

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New Album 11/12/07 1:15 PM

More pictures of Livi because we can't get enough

Exceptionally groovy music provided by Aerial Tribe -available from i-Tunes and CD Baby.

I'm playing around with the slideshow feature in iphoto and while it is very cool the quality isn't as good as the flash file that Picasa's web album generates. hmmm. Wonder if I'm doing something wrong? The music is good though. Can't do that with Picasa web albums ...yet.

I almost felt sorry for Microsoft after watching the new Mac ad. Almost. Loved the political comparisons. getamac/ads/ You have to click on the podium ad once you get there.

At home today putting off the store's bookwork that I need to do. Hohum. Must go get to it.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Cara's new blog

Cara has a new blog. It's still named And Something Big but has a new url. Visit here. When did my kid grow up? I am proud of you Pea-pie. You are still a Pea-pie around here you know.

Livi, who Carl is calling Sugar-pie, is napping. We enjoyed our lunch with Ford and Aly and Carolyn when they dropped her off today. We really do have a village here and it's wonderful. Jesse and Leaa are in Savannah so we're sharing the baby while they are gone. Happy anniversary Jesse and Leaa. Hope you are having fun.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

PalatkaPalooza - are you ready for this?

This is a new concert venue for the students in Carl's music instruction program. I like the name. I think it's going to be a lot of fun. Carl takes his students out to play at the fair and in schools and occasionally a festival but this is a first for this concert. The bands have recorded CDs which will be released at the concert. He's asking for a donation of school supplies for admittance which I think is a great idea. Most supply drives occur at the beginning of the year so by January they need to be replenished. The supplies will be donated to the district to distribute.

Saturday, November 03, 2007



Love this picture from Leaa. Caption could read - This way Cinderella. There's more candy this way!
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site for JDC

I got in a bit of trouble for linking Jesse's new site before he was ready to go public :) but he's been working on it and now I can say you should go there for real. He wanted a site that was super simple and straight forward yet aesthetically pleasing. I think it looks good and the sounds files are a party for my ears.

New Livi Pictures


Click on the picture to see the album

Monday, October 29, 2007

so much to read and learn

Ran across Will Richardson weblogg-ed this evening and am thinking about one of his post. He's referencing this teacher's blog ".. check out her unit on the uses of multimedia to “write” online. Not only will her students be blogging, they will be creating group “Twitterstories“, linking to pieces of art and posting links to the class Flickr group, writing in one-sentence hypertext shorts, and creating digital stories using the tools outlined in Alan Levine’s 50 Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story resource..."

Saturday, October 27, 2007

So sad

I added a Bush quote generator to my iGoogle page for giggles. Holy cow. I have been mortified daily. Here's today's quote

"Reading is the basics for all learning."

George W. Bush
March 28, 2000
Comment from campaign stop in Reston, Virginia. The candidate was announcing
his "Reading First" initiative.

How embarrassing to be represented by this man. His policies, his lack of foresight, his lack of sense, his lack of understanding of our language - all make me want to cry. We could do a "remember when" meme for eight years ago. Remember when we lived in peace. Remember when our environmental policies made sense. Remember when we had a budget surplus.

I usually avoid talking about politics here or anywhere else because I hate conflict but we all need to speak out. W and VP Halliburton have done too much damage. Democrats in 08.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Cystic Fibrosis Fund Raiser - The Haunt

These folks have been working hard getting ready for The Haunt, this year's fund raiser for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. In years past the event was held at the Ravines State Park but the new Director decided not to do scary this year so the CFF event is on it's own. Kudos to Jim and Brenda and the others who are working so hard to make this happen. I'll be there helping and I've been involved on a limited bases but it's been like another full time job for them. They are pretty amazing people. Last week a spokesperson from the CFF came to the planning meeting and shared a video and facts about the disease and what strides have been made in prolonging the onset of the worse symptoms. The Foundation funds important research. Did you know that all kids born in Florida are tested for CF at birth now? That's a step in the right direction. If you are up for a fright you should come join us on the 30th or the 31st at the Haunted House in P-town at the Elks Club. It was sort of scary even before they started decorating so it should be really horrifying by Tuesday.If you can't make it but would still like to help you can donate here.
Jim, I know I've got some left over ProActive around here someplace.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Should be Fall

But it is going to be 90 degrees tomorrow and really humid.

Jesse and Leaa sounded great yesterday and Livi got to see them perform. She came in the door clapping her hands.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fall Festival

We're going to the Fall Festival at St.Monica's to hear Jesse and Leaa.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Local monsters travel to California

Very cool idea spreads to local elementary schools...such fun. I love to see how each person interprets the blots. You should try it yourself. Stefan's creativity is infectious.

meme number two - I Remember...

Ford and Aly tagged me. This was actually fun though. Since I don't know ten bloggers well enough to tag them maybe some of my non-commental friends and family members would like to leave comments of things that you remember back in the day

I Remember ...
When I didn't know what a meme was :)
When Sky King, Lassie, The Lone Ranger, Spanky and Our Gang and the Keystone Cops were the Saturday morning line up in B&W
When I carried a metal lunch box to school
When you could get Vanilla Cokes at a Soda Fountain in a Drug Store
When I saw a color TV for the first time
When I liked to dance with a bolster off our day bed to Andy Williams songs (the records were my sister's and I was too young to dance with boys... but she wasn't.)
When the homecoming parade stopped because we learned that JFK was dead
When I bought my first Mac Classic with it's 2MB of memory - it was great
When I got my first cassette player and marveled at how superior it was to my eight track
When I liked the Cowsills - I would like to forget that though
When it was hard to keep that little plastic piece that went inside a 45
When Naru jackets were the thing

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Kept Livi last night and she was too cute-big surprise, right? She came in the door calling Cara's name. We telephoned her and Livi kept giving her mmmm kisses through the phone. If that doesn't make you want to come home for a weekend soon Cara, nothing will! We played with a wooden puzzle that was a big hit. It's a Discovery toy that is about twenty years old. It was made in Sweden. It's about the only toy in the house that I feel may be safe. I just hate that our toy industry has been so irresponsible. They've put profit over our children's safety and I can't forgive them. I know about Discovery toys ...wonder who else I can trust.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Cara's first costume

Cara as a whittle wabbit.

Katie and Jesse - 24 years ago

I love this business of archiving our old photos. Not only am I protecting our family treasures and taking fun trips down memory lane but I can organize our collection differently too. Rather than a timeline, like our poor old yellowing albums, we can do themes like costumes. This isn't all of the costume pictures. I really wanted to find the picture of Katie around age five, dressed as a movie star who unfortunately looked a bit like a hooker. I think it was the gold lame tube top. I had to make her a little Oscar statue to carry to make sure there was no confusion. We're missing Jesse as Elvis, Cara as a dalmatian, and Katie as Dorothy. Seems like there were lots of witches and a scarecrow or two.

I think I may need to upgrade my storage. The only bad thing is that I am scanning small pictures on a big scanner so I have to crop each image. There's probably a setting somewhere...

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in years past

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Friday, October 12, 2007

week in review

Grant writing is almost as much fun as building email accounts all day.

Best tech story of the week - Matt our new person, who is wonderful by the way, was at a school checking on a problematic machine. While looking at the network settings he noticed that in the space provided for the proxy server's address someone had typed the street address. No lie.

In my dream house I will have a computer station in the kitchen. That way the smoke will not have to fill up two rooms before it gets to me and reminds me that I am cooking. opps I've done it again. Beef chips anyone? anyone?

Carl is a sanding fool. Dry wall dust is flying everywhere even though he is trying hard to contain it. I may be able to paint next weekend. Will definitely be spending lots of time with the Animal. Guess I had better start with the shop vac though. This could kill the too...cough wheeze...oh wait, that's from the kitchen.

Monday, October 08, 2007



Katie is back in Birmingham. I rubbed her belly a lot. I feel better now. Thanks Katie. Lil Smokey is growing nicely. Cara is back at school and she is swimming in a meet today. Good luck CB. I didn't go to work today after I got back from the airport. I was stuck in traffic for an hour or so and by the time I got home it didn't seem like it was a big deal to miss a couple more hours and if I don't check my email I'll not know just how bad it might be when I go in tomorrow. Makes perfect sense to me.

Off to wash the dirty car. If the dog is in the neighborhood she may get it too.

Livi Oct. 2007

Livi had a stomach virus this weekend. Hopefully she is over it but we're all still paranoid that she may spew at any time. Poor baby.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


This is Carl's mom. I think Cara looks like her. Jane died in the early seventies , when Carl was still in his twenties.

scanning our treasure

hehe.I've started archiving our old photos so pardon me while I pelt you with historic family pictures. Aren't my men cute? This was taken on Captiva Island, 1987ish. Click on the image for a larger view.

Saturday, September 29, 2007


well she looks just a little like her Dad too.


This is my sister Carol ( several years ago) . I think Livi looks a lot like her.I should have removed the pencil mark ? on her face before I posted but you get the idea.Isn't she beautiful!
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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I'm playing around with Skype. Any other Skype users out there reading this? I get a recording error when I dial a number. Need a manual or a helpful friend. I bet my nerdy friend Stephen could have this working in no time. He's unavailable currently. So Cara, download Skype and let's see how it works. Could be just the thing to keep you from having to get that second job to pay your iPhone bill. Did you see where the $100.00 that Steve is keeping is being called a nerd tax. ouch.

So we are kind of waterlogged here. Lots of rain. Good for us but soggy.
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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Nano is playing a lullaby. Thinking of you Katie and Barrett and little Suzy or Hercules or Smokey.

same pictures as below except in flash

a baby,a banana, and a basket

There should be a story in that somewhere, don't you think? We've had a fun day with the kids and Justin, Nicole, Kilee, Brenda and Jake joined us to celebrate Cara's birthday. Livi and Kilee played so hard. They should sleep well tonight. Click on the picture to see the album that Cara shot.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Baby got 'tude

Jesse captured this with his cell phone on Sunday. She seems right at home in the captain's seat doesn't she?

Monday, September 10, 2007

mysterious mail

Does anyone know why I am getting all these notices about driving schools? I drive like a little old lady but who ratted me out?

Saturday, September 08, 2007

when Cara still needed water wings

Cara, our youngest, is nineteen years old today. Gulp. She is attending classes and working and she appears to be grown. While I am overjoyed that she is thriving and experiencing all this good college stuff I am also a little mortified. How can she possibly be that old?

I confessed to her the other day that I haven't been able to go into her room and clean as I had intended after she moved out because every time I go in there it makes me sad. I am glad you are coming home next weekend. That will inspire me to get to it.

Happy Birthday Cara. Love you and can't wait for you to come home.

lavender Christmas soap