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should have put my money where my blog is

He caved. Sports are not filtered. This request came today from a student - please unblock this game site. I have never been so bord in my life. Luckily for him we have not blocked Webster.

Livi plays the high part

Cara shared some pictures today that Leaa had taken. This one might be my new favorite. I had lunch with Livi and Cara today. Thanks for the the PB&J Leaa and Jesse. It was delicious and the time with the girls wonderful.

Livi is taking little steps now. She'll be running before we know it. And she definitely has music in her soul. She moves in perfect sync with whatever tune she hears - even the Ten Little Indigenous People song.

It wasn't me man

I did not have anything to do with the new filter that is now in place for our school distirct. I understand your need for ebay and espn sports but really? Should you call the internet police and tell them? I have to laugh at the calls and email that are pouring into our office. These folks are clueless about ethics. I think He Who Rules and whose name must not be spoken here will cave and let his buds get back to their sports pages. If I were a betting person I'd wager on it.

FETC fun

Today has been action packed. It started with a wonderful half day workshop where we created podcasts in Garage Band. Other topics included using blogs for writing instruction and lots of info about rss feeds. Safari is actually an aggregator. I didn't know that but I was blown away by the possibilities. Good stuff I tell you. And the Macs that we worked on made me happy. Since I had a break in my schedule today there was time for some shopping at the Mall at Millenia. I didn't find the illusive perfect black shoes but those little faded jeans were too cute to leave behind in baby Gap. Mimi is bringing you a little something Livi. The opening session was at 3:00 so I went back to the Convention Center to hear the keynote speaker, Bill Nye. It was unquestionably not the typical DOE-like opening session. His lecture was all over the place - literally from Mars, to global warming to buckeyballs with tons in between. He was inspiring, humorous and full of passion. The exhibit h…


I can't help myself. It must be a personality disorder or something. Katie thanked me in a Mother's Day card last year for teaching her the important things in life- like it's OK to dress your dogs up in silly hats and laugh at them. But does the same apply to nanos? I actually thought about staging some nano scenes while I was in a slow moving workshop today. So many possibilities.

Tomorrow I'm in a podcasting workshop so hopefully it will be better and I won't have time to be so creative. Tomorrow's presenter is good too. I always try to take his workshops when I come to this conference. He probably thinks I'm stalking him by now.

CC and CareBear be good. Don't forget to check Noles water bowl please. Miss you guys.

Hi from Orlando


30 years of bliss

OK that may be a bit of an overstatement but we're still together and in love after thirty years so that counts for a lot. We booked our anniversary trip to Key West today. And since I plan to take my nano - well I had to accessorize.

Pastoral scene turns into hellish stampede

– not really but they did a group charge toward us . Guess they thought we had food. Or they were just having some fun with us.

Thundering hooves
laughing cows

CC on the home stretch

This is about mile three of our four mile walk this morning. It's a gorgeous day and warmed up nicely in the sun.


This might be a sign that I need a life! I'm dressing my nano. good grief.

Friday Night attire


Dressed Nano


Naked Nano


One Book Review

I finished listening to Restless by William Boyd this week. Set in England in 1976, a daughter is learning the story of her mother's secret life as a spy before WWII. This branch of the British Intelligence Agency's mission was to plant articles in newspapers that would change the sentiments of Americans reluctant to enter the war. Of course Pearl Harbor change that for them but the history was interesting. Media being used to shape public opinion.Hmmm. A pretty powerful weapon I'd say. Sounds familiar. You ( my children) would have laughed at the intro- melancholy violin music and then a paragraph that used the pronoun one at least twenty times. I think your grandmother would approve.

For those who haven't been around my mother lately, her memory is going pretty rapidly now and she repeats herself frequently. She doesn't remember what she said three minutes ago so she says it again. One of her favorite sayings is "One does what one must do now doesn't one?…

The crew in New York


Gotta love em



My sister Carol and BIL Manning left this morning going back home to Minor Hill, TN. We always enjoy visiting with them and this visit was no exception. We went to St. Augustine yesterday for some junk-tiquing, ate lunch at the Gypsy Cab Company (home of fantastic salads and other delicious treats) walked through art shops and Old Towne, and finished off the evening with coffee and dessert at the Ale House overlooking the beautiful still illuminated city. Their departure marked the end of our holiday visitors so I guess it really is time to get back to the grind. Work, taxes, laundry and cleaning aren’t nearly as much fun as company.

Katie and Barrett gave me a book called No One Cares What You Had for Lunch – 100 Ideas for Your Blog, by Mighty Girl, Margaret Mason. It should inspire me to try different topics on this blog but everybody cares about Livi, right? Lunch no, Livi yes, right? How could you not care about Livi who is crawling, pulling up, waving hi and bye, imitating sounds,…


I just saw a staple slip between the d and f key on my laptop’s keyboard. I almost had it but then it disappeared. This is probably not a good thing. There may be more troubleshooting in my near future. I spent several hours over the last few weeks troubleshooting a problem with Windows One Care. I had been very pleased with the application but not so much now. I did finally resolve the problem but I had to re register dll files, use run commands that I had never seen before, uninstall, reinstall, email zipped data files back and forth with a person who’s first language wasn’t English ( dead giveaway: I understand the inconvenience you have experienced. Please be assured that I will do my best to help you. Please do not worry it.)
The resolution required more patience than should be required. I worried it. Most folks would have thrown in the towel after the fifth or sixth email I think. Lets all say Apple.

Love my new Nano btw. Thanks Katie and B’Dawg and Cara. I am still listening to…


Happy New Year family and friends. May 2007 bless you with lots of wonderful people, places and events.