I just saw a staple slip between the d and f key on my laptop’s keyboard. I almost had it but then it disappeared. This is probably not a good thing. There may be more troubleshooting in my near future. I spent several hours over the last few weeks troubleshooting a problem with Windows One Care. I had been very pleased with the application but not so much now. I did finally resolve the problem but I had to re register dll files, use run commands that I had never seen before, uninstall, reinstall, email zipped data files back and forth with a person who’s first language wasn’t English ( dead giveaway: I understand the inconvenience you have experienced. Please be assured that I will do my best to help you. Please do not worry it.)
The resolution required more patience than should be required. I worried it. Most folks would have thrown in the towel after the fifth or sixth email I think. Lets all say Apple.

Love my new Nano btw. Thanks Katie and B’Dawg and Cara. I am still listening to Restless. Book review to follow soon.


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