I can't help myself. It must be a personality disorder or something. Katie thanked me in a Mother's Day card last year for teaching her the important things in life- like it's OK to dress your dogs up in silly hats and laugh at them. But does the same apply to nanos? I actually thought about staging some nano scenes while I was in a slow moving workshop today. So many possibilities.

Tomorrow I'm in a podcasting workshop so hopefully it will be better and I won't have time to be so creative. Tomorrow's presenter is good too. I always try to take his workshops when I come to this conference. He probably thinks I'm stalking him by now.

CC and CareBear be good. Don't forget to check Noles water bowl please. Miss you guys.


Cara said…
I filled it up 3 times yesterday and 1 time today. She isn't eating anything but chicken. Although I haven't tried the stinky stuff yet. She misses you. She hangs out by the door until about 7 then moves to her bed. We tried to play today but it didn't last very long. We miss you you. Love you.
m said…
Poor puppy. Gives her lots of love for me. Miss you too. Love you loads.

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