One Book Review

I finished listening to Restless by William Boyd this week. Set in England in 1976, a daughter is learning the story of her mother's secret life as a spy before WWII. This branch of the British Intelligence Agency's mission was to plant articles in newspapers that would change the sentiments of Americans reluctant to enter the war. Of course Pearl Harbor change that for them but the history was interesting. Media being used to shape public opinion.Hmmm. A pretty powerful weapon I'd say. Sounds familiar. You ( my children) would have laughed at the intro- melancholy violin music and then a paragraph that used the pronoun one at least twenty times. I think your grandmother would approve.

For those who haven't been around my mother lately, her memory is going pretty rapidly now and she repeats herself frequently. She doesn't remember what she said three minutes ago so she says it again. One of her favorite sayings is "One does what one must do now doesn't one?" We quote it a lot ourselves. One certainly does, Mom.


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