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Further proof

photo by Katie

Precious picture by Katie


Livi's Sleepover

Liv Feb.07 click on the image to see the photo album

my son's daughter

Jesse, this shot made me think of all the times you have made faces or stuck your finger ( or worse- drumsticks, pencils,etc.) up your nose when I was trying to take your picture. How did you teach her to do this at such an early age? And she knows it's funny. So advanced!


excerpt from an email sent a couple of weeks ago to my sister Carol.

"Carl and I are going to Key West this week to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. We’re driving to Ft.Myers, spending the night with Cherie and then we are taking a ferry to the Keys. It’s a four hour boat ride. We’ll get back to Cherie’s on Sunday night around 9:00 and drive home Monday ( very slowly, looking for otters as we go) I am looking forward to it but I must admit I am a little apprehensive. Thinking back on our vacation experiences provides justification for these anxious feeling you know. If you read about a ferry sinking off the west coast of Florida you’ll know what happened. Carl and Marsha took a vacation. The end. "

Carl's comment after reading this don't know how seriously I considered purchasing shark repellent and BCs

Cara's list

When Cara was little, in first grade I think, she created a Christmas list that we've teased her about ever since. The list was a handwritten, two column, front and back, catalog of her wildest dreams. She asked for the expected dolls and clothes and then added fifty or so other items including a computer , TV, bicycle, new stereo, new bedroom and on and on, ending with - "and something big".

With that story in mind I direct you to Cara's blog. She's put some thought and on line shopping prowess into it and I must admit I'm enjoying looking at what she finds cool. I can never get it right when I try to shop for her so I think it is enlightening and funny. You clever material girl you.

Here's a story you will enjoy Care Bear. When you were in Tallahassee yesterday a friend asked where you were and my eyes watered as I answered her. This could be bad. Katie really will need to come help you and Dad move you into the dorm because I will be crying too hard to c…

A few of your favorite things... back in the day


someone has a birthday coming up


encouragement from Steve

I got email from Apple today . The subject line read Accessorize your new iPodnano. See kids, it's alright. It's even encouraged.

Much cuter than marine life and coconut heads

cute picture by Cara.

octopus video

Here's a link to a video I shot with my digital camera through a window at the aquarium. I had never seen an octopus up close and personal. Something jets out of his mouth? about half way through the video. gaross

More Key West Pictures


click on the image to see the album

Infected with Tourism Virus

Everyone needs a coconut head, right? We think the Chamber of Commerce probably sprays some kind of viral tourism chemical agent at night. There could be no other explanation as to why we came home with several of these and a REALLY tacky shirt for Livi.

Key West


Was this in my job description?

What a hoot. Katie drove students to the McWayne Center on Saturday as part of her volunteer duties at the Springs. All employees sign up for weekend or evening activities once a month or so. Something tells me she didn't know about the bus when she volunteered. My baby driving the short bus. Can you believe it? Barrett you took some mighty fine pictures!

Livi's groove

Stopped by to see Jesse and Leaa and Liv today after work. I mentioned earlier this week that Livi has music in her soul. Today provided further evidence of this. She was crawling across the den on her way out to find her Dad in the next room when she bumped a toy that plays music. She stopped dead in her tracks and rocked back and forth shaking her little bottom until the music stopped and then she crawled away in pursuit of her original mission. No need to waste a good tune. Where was my camera when I needed it? I love to watch her face as she takes in the world. She is such a joy.

I am listening to Barack Obama's The Audacity of Hope on my ipod right now. He is a wonderful author and speaker. I want to believe everything that he is saying is really how he feels. But ...he is a politician so a mistrusting part of me wonders how much of his persona is calculated. I hate being so cynical, he seems like such a nice guy, but I wasn't born this way, my observation of the political…