Cara's list

When Cara was little, in first grade I think, she created a Christmas list that we've teased her about ever since. The list was a handwritten, two column, front and back, catalog of her wildest dreams. She asked for the expected dolls and clothes and then added fifty or so other items including a computer , TV, bicycle, new stereo, new bedroom and on and on, ending with - "and something big".

With that story in mind I direct you to Cara's blog. She's put some thought and on line shopping prowess into it and I must admit I'm enjoying looking at what she finds cool. I can never get it right when I try to shop for her so I think it is enlightening and funny. You clever material girl you.

Here's a story you will enjoy Care Bear. When you were in Tallahassee yesterday a friend asked where you were and my eyes watered as I answered her. This could be bad. Katie really will need to come help you and Dad move you into the dorm because I will be crying too hard to carry boxes. Might fall down the stairs or run into something.


Cara said…
Aaaaaw Mom!! I'm still going to need you to do my laundry and pay my bills. I love you!

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