Livi's groove

Stopped by to see Jesse and Leaa and Liv today after work. I mentioned earlier this week that Livi has music in her soul. Today provided further evidence of this. She was crawling across the den on her way out to find her Dad in the next room when she bumped a toy that plays music. She stopped dead in her tracks and rocked back and forth shaking her little bottom until the music stopped and then she crawled away in pursuit of her original mission. No need to waste a good tune. Where was my camera when I needed it? I love to watch her face as she takes in the world. She is such a joy.

I am listening to Barack Obama's The Audacity of Hope on my ipod right now. He is a wonderful author and speaker. I want to believe everything that he is saying is really how he feels. But ...he is a politician so a mistrusting part of me wonders how much of his persona is calculated. I hate being so cynical, he seems like such a nice guy, but I wasn't born this way, my observation of the political process has created this cynicism with just cause. That said, he makes so much sense and seems so sincere that I am buying it. Here's his site if you want to read more about his views.


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