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Have your people call my people and we will talk...because I can talk on the phone now.

greetings from the G-4

I am posting from our recently improved, souped-up G-4. We don't have much on it yet. I have ordered i-Life and downloaded Quicken. Quicken was my excuse for the splurge actually. I have our checkbooks on an archaic Mac that we bought for Katie to take with her to FSU. It doesn't go on line any more and has lots of quirks that I've learned to work around but it speaks well of the machine to still be working at all. My old printer for it died and the operating system is so old I can't use a new printer with it so it was time. Transferring the Quicken was as easy as could be- just drag and drop.Setting it up was easy too. No reading or research required. Wish Bill would take notes. I don't want to be a PC anymore. I still need a word processor and either Power Point or Keynote. I used Keynote for the first time at USF and I liked it but I am not sure that I don't still like Power Point better. Office for the Mac is pretty pricey though so I'll probably go wit…

road trip

Glad your trip home was fun, fast and safe. We miss you a lot.

Katie and the Coop

Katie and Barrett have a new car. It's small and green and really cute. Can we call it Kermit?

shout out

The unique nano accessories that I've posted here were shared at the MDE meeting in Tampa last weekend. I took my nano as the object to "share" since it was a gift from the kids, contains pictures of the family, good music and audio books. We linked to the blog during our group presentation and I was surprised that my silliness appealed to others. We got lots of laughs.

The whole naked nano thing started because my pretty new nano was getting scratched in my purse so I bought a skin for her, but I didn't like the way it looked. It reminded me too much of a pocket protector so I added a pink boa and posted the picture for giggles. From there one thing led to another.

We got a shout out from Karen Seddon in her Tuesdays with Karen Newsletter this week. Check out Karen's site. She has lots of good information to share with teachers and other interested folks.

coincident ? I think not

I just noticed that I started this blog on Livi's birthday two years before she was born. Evidently the Lord wanted me to have plenty of time to learn how to post pictures before she arrived. Good plan.


Livi Kate has her own label now. If you click Livi pictures on the right column you can see just Livi. A site to behold indeed. Who knew grand babies were so much fun! The process was rather tedious because I had to open and edit each post to add the label but it's easy to do as you post new items. If there is an easier way to add labels to old posts I couldn't find it. Anyone from Google reading this out there, yeah right ,that would be a handy field to add on the "list posts" page.

One organizational project down, 2,300,000,000 more to go.

Lost: six inch tuna sub on wheat.

Conversation with Cara today

C: Where is the permission slip that you had notarized for me, Mom? It's due today.
M: I gave it to your Dad before I left for Tampa on Friday.
C: He says he didn’t get it.
M: Yes he did. I dropped him off at the store after lunch. When he got out of the car he had the paper and half of a leftover tuna sub with him. He told me on Sunday he had lost the sub. He asked if I had found it in my car. Guess he lost your paper too.
C: Do you mean my permission slip is with the lost tuna sub? Shouldn't we be able to find it by the smell alone!

You would think. It should be pretty ripe by now.


By Sunday afternoon nano was doing somersaults in the laptop lounge at USF. She was really excited about becoming a Master Digital Educator. I haven't told her that her name will probably not be on the certificate yet but she'll enjoy the training all the same.I can always pencil her in. nano, MDE. It does have a nice ring to it.

I had mixed feelings about attending this training in Tampa. They expected me to share a room with a stranger. What? Obviously they have never heard me snore. They wanted me to bring an object to share which said something about myself? Are they thinking warm and fuzzy thoughts? Will this be a waste of my time. What is DOE's involvement here? I've been to some DOE led training before. They have not always been memorable for the right reasons. But it turns out my anxiety was for naught. The training was great. The instructors were wonderful, knowledgeable and funny. I was exposed to lots of new products and applications. I had fun meeting a roo…

sweet baby words

honeysnucklewhip wopsbeeben soupnorenoxiosWords spoken by our babies that have earned a permanent place in our vocabulary. We haven't said honeysuckle, lip gloss, bathing suit, ignore or obnoxious since. There were so many cute things said. I hate that I can not remember more. Livi is beginning to speak and she is such a little mimic. Her hi has six syllables. A true southern gurl. Cara has a recording of her saying Cararara that is too precious. We should make podcasts daily. We have a tape of Katie singing Where Will the Dimple Be in preschool that is priceless, but alas finding it could be a problem, although I'm sure we didn't throw it away. It's in the vault somewhere. Playing it could also be a problem since we don't have a tape player anymore. We really need to go through all those CC and turn them into digital files. I need to do that to our old photo albums too. So many to dos. And such a big job. Maybe we could dedicate one hour every weekend to preservin…

Naked Nano Playing Irish Fiddle Tunes

Katie is coming home on St. Patty's Day

sweet cheeks


Could she be any cuter?

We think not. Love you Livi Kate.

Any day with Livi is a good day

We are enjoying Ms. Livi's company again this weekend. Leaa has a bad cold and Jesse needed to work so we lucked out on the grandparent lottery. Liv has a new trick. Last weekend she was unable to lift her little leg high enough to climb the stairs but today she crawled right over to them and ascended ( and ascended and ascended). Considering her body size it seemed the equivalent to scaling Mt.Everest to me but she is so enthralled with the thrill of the climb that she went all the way to the top about ten times and would have continued had we not put up a blockade. The barricade, two ottomans shoved together in front of the staircase, made her mad initially but she quickly focused on finding a solution to her problem. She tried to squeeze in through a small crack, go over the top, and then she tried using brute strength to move them out of the way. They held tight today but they won't for long. It's time for a gate. She is an adorable troubleshooter. She wouldn't e…

Smurfs, Legos, Star Wars, Snoopy, Beatles, Action Heroes...

So I've been playing with this comic strip generator and have spent too much time looking at their 62 pages of cells but I can think of a million ways I could use it with students. However since it contains inappropriate content as well as acceptable content it is blocked by our filter and FIRN's so I can't recommend it to teachers.durn. It would be easy enough to do the same thing in Power Point but I liked the idea.


Here's the recipe for the Thai soup that you requested Leaa. It wasn't as good as Surin's but it had possibilities . I think the right peppers would make the difference. I bet my friend Beth has a better recipe.

12-ounce can premium coconut milk
1/4 lb chicken breast, cut into small chunks
grated peel from 1 lime
juice from one lime
chicken broth - organic, free range of course :) I guessed on the amount - probably about 8 oz.
1 4" piece of lemon grass, cut into very thin slices ( Publix had lemon grass paste so that's what I used)
3-4 slices of fresh ginger
hot chili peppers to taste - Thai birds or serranos recommended ( all I had was red pepper so I used that but it needs the kick of something better)
cilantro for garnish

Pour the lime juice on the chicken and let stand while you prepare the rest of the soup. Put the other ingredients in a medium saucepan and bring to a simmer. Do not boil. ( this was hard for me as you might imagine) When the soup is heated, add the lim…