Any day with Livi is a good day

We are enjoying Ms. Livi's company again this weekend. Leaa has a bad cold and Jesse needed to work so we lucked out on the grandparent lottery. Liv has a new trick. Last weekend she was unable to lift her little leg high enough to climb the stairs but today she crawled right over to them and ascended ( and ascended and ascended). Considering her body size it seemed the equivalent to scaling Mt.Everest to me but she is so enthralled with the thrill of the climb that she went all the way to the top about ten times and would have continued had we not put up a blockade. The barricade, two ottomans shoved together in front of the staircase, made her mad initially but she quickly focused on finding a solution to her problem. She tried to squeeze in through a small crack, go over the top, and then she tried using brute strength to move them out of the way. They held tight today but they won't for long. It's time for a gate. She is an adorable troubleshooter. She wouldn't eat lunch today and I panicked a wee bit thinking she was getting sick too but she ate a good supper and played with her Pops until she was sleepy.


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