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By Sunday afternoon nano was doing somersaults in the laptop lounge at USF. She was really excited about becoming a Master Digital Educator. I haven't told her that her name will probably not be on the certificate yet but she'll enjoy the training all the same.I can always pencil her in. nano, MDE. It does have a nice ring to it.

I had mixed feelings about attending this training in Tampa. They expected me to share a room with a stranger. What? Obviously they have never heard me snore. They wanted me to bring an object to share which said something about myself? Are they thinking warm and fuzzy thoughts? Will this be a waste of my time. What is DOE's involvement here? I've been to some DOE led training before. They have not always been memorable for the right reasons. But it turns out my anxiety was for naught. The training was great. The instructors were wonderful, knowledgeable and funny. I was exposed to lots of new products and applications. I had fun meeting a room full of bright people with similar interests and skills in technology. We used Breeze, KeyNote, iPhoto,Inspiration, wikis, blogs, Google docs and I'm probably forgetting some. My mind is still racing with all the possibilities. Here's the Florida Center for Instructional Technology's website. The MDE program is linked from there too if you want to read more. I can't wait to go back in a couple of weeks.


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