greetings from the G-4

I am posting from our recently improved, souped-up G-4. We don't have much on it yet. I have ordered i-Life and downloaded Quicken. Quicken was my excuse for the splurge actually. I have our checkbooks on an archaic Mac that we bought for Katie to take with her to FSU. It doesn't go on line any more and has lots of quirks that I've learned to work around but it speaks well of the machine to still be working at all. My old printer for it died and the operating system is so old I can't use a new printer with it so it was time. Transferring the Quicken was as easy as could be- just drag and drop.Setting it up was easy too. No reading or research required. Wish Bill would take notes. I don't want to be a PC anymore. I still need a word processor and either Power Point or Keynote. I used Keynote for the first time at USF and I liked it but I am not sure that I don't still like Power Point better. Office for the Mac is pretty pricey though so I'll probably go with iWork. Have you checked out iTV? Cara wants the iPhone. I am surprised it hasn't been featured on her shopping network yet.


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