shout out

The unique nano accessories that I've posted here were shared at the MDE meeting in Tampa last weekend. I took my nano as the object to "share" since it was a gift from the kids, contains pictures of the family, good music and audio books. We linked to the blog during our group presentation and I was surprised that my silliness appealed to others. We got lots of laughs.

The whole naked nano thing started because my pretty new nano was getting scratched in my purse so I bought a skin for her, but I didn't like the way it looked. It reminded me too much of a pocket protector so I added a pink boa and posted the picture for giggles. From there one thing led to another.

We got a shout out from Karen Seddon in her Tuesdays with Karen Newsletter this week. Check out Karen's site. She has lots of good information to share with teachers and other interested folks.


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