Here's the recipe for the Thai soup that you requested Leaa. It wasn't as good as Surin's but it had possibilities . I think the right peppers would make the difference. I bet my friend Beth has a better recipe.

12-ounce can premium coconut milk
1/4 lb chicken breast, cut into small chunks
grated peel from 1 lime
juice from one lime
chicken broth - organic, free range of course :) I guessed on the amount - probably about 8 oz.
1 4" piece of lemon grass, cut into very thin slices ( Publix had lemon grass paste so that's what I used)
3-4 slices of fresh ginger
hot chili peppers to taste - Thai birds or serranos recommended ( all I had was red pepper so I used that but it needs the kick of something better)
cilantro for garnish

Pour the lime juice on the chicken and let stand while you prepare the rest of the soup. Put the other ingredients in a medium saucepan and bring to a simmer. Do not boil. ( this was hard for me as you might imagine) When the soup is heated, add the lime-soaked chicken pieces and stir. I nuked the chicken for a couple of minutes because I couldn't drop raw meat in my soup. Call me squeamish. Simmer for 15 minutes, or until the chicken pieces are done. Remove from heat and serve with fresh cilantro leaves for garnish.


Cara said…
mom is this the right recipe?
m said…
Nope I have a better one now. Call home ET. Love you. Mom

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