sweet baby words

  • honeysnuckle
  • whip wops
  • beeben soup
  • nore
  • noxios

Words spoken by our babies that have earned a permanent place in our vocabulary. We haven't said honeysuckle, lip gloss, bathing suit, ignore or obnoxious since. There were so many cute things said. I hate that I can not remember more. Livi is beginning to speak and she is such a little mimic. Her hi has six syllables. A true southern gurl. Cara has a recording of her saying Cararara that is too precious. We should make podcasts daily. We have a tape of Katie singing Where Will the Dimple Be in preschool that is priceless, but alas finding it could be a problem, although I'm sure we didn't throw it away. It's in the vault somewhere. Playing it could also be a problem since we don't have a tape player anymore. We really need to go through all those CC and turn them into digital files. I need to do that to our old photo albums too. So many to dos. And such a big job. Maybe we could dedicate one hour every weekend to preserving our treasures.

Tampa is fine so far. The room is average, connectivity sporadic, but I found a good nail place so my toes are pretty. Miss you.


Alyson & Ford said…
I'll help you preserve whatever you have in anyway I can...

Leaa said you were out of town. Enjoy... We're going to try and steal some Livi lovin' Sunday! We'll give her a snuggle for you.


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