catching up

Not much time for blogging lately. I haven't even had time to read my favs this week. I have started working at the store two or three nights a week and I am too tired to type when I get home. I also have homework that I am behind on. Class meets tomorrow. I should go finish it but just don't have it in me tonight. Cara is in Orlando for Disney's Grad night. I am in Tampa and Carl is home keeping the home fires from burning hopefully. We are about 14 miles from the fire that is blazing in Putnam County. Last I heard it has consumed 1600 acres and was still going strong. The wind was blowing it south away from us but the conditions are ripe for disaster all over Florida. Katie is neck deep in alumni this weekend with several events to manage and Jesse and Leaa are busy painting their porch and planting sod. Their house is looking good! Some lucky grandparent should be able to steal a little time with Livi. Wish it was me. Peace.


It was great seeing you Saturday night! I hope you're able to catch up on everything soon!

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