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I shared horror stories with my students in a Power Point class last night about some of the terrible presentations I have endured. Like the hour long presentation from a DOE spokeswoman that we couldn't actually see because she had used a size 12 font. It was obvious she had spent a lot of time making it. The fonts in her charts and graphs were even smaller. And her handouts were also not legible. Go DOE. Or how about the poor misguided instructor from Florida Learning Alliance who thought it would be a good idea to use 270 slides to get us through her planned six hour lecture, no lie. She read them all. At the end of the day she mentioned she would use the same method on day two. I had a family emergency quickly arise so I couldn't attend on the second day. Someone close was having a mental breakdown. I am trying a prompt with this month's class to encourage them to write on our follow up blog. Wanna see?


Cara said…
Mom, did you come up with "pimp my presentation?" That's pretty cute.
m said…
Why thank you, youngest one. Be careful driving home from Atlanta tomorrow. Love ya!

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