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Aerial Tribe at the Blue Crab Festival


One of the nice things about working in the Campbell Building is that I get to work with some really nice folks. My friend, Karen Lee, is our self proclaimed librarian and literacy promoter in the building. She is an extraordinary teacher, mentor and volunteers everywhere. She is consistently pleasant to everyone and genuinely cares about folks. She loves printed books, audio books and kiddie lit and she shares her collection generously with all. She turned me onto some of her audio books years ago and my commutes haven't been the same since. Not only is she passionate about literature but she also owns and loves all kinds of animals -goats, horses, dogs, guinea pigs and I'm not sure what else but her house sounds like a zoo when she describes it. Unfortunately for me, but joyously for her, she plans to retire next year. I am happy for her but already dreading not having her here everyday. I am looking forward to what her retirement adventures will bring though. She plans …

Weekend Fun

Last Tampa weekend and the trip got off to a shaky start. Just a mile or so from home my cell phone took a header right into my coffee cooler. I knew better than to put it on the console. Really I did. It was a careless, thoughtless act. This was not the first object to take this path. I've fished out lipstick and pens and a flash drive from other beverages sitting in that cup holder. I stopped at the school where Carl was installing a PA and confiscated his phone. This means that the new guys (who are doing a wonderful job at the store but still need to talk with him frequently for clarification) will not be able to reach him while he is finishing up the PA installation tomorrow. Carl has been very supportive of me doing this training at USF but I could tell the cell phone issue irked him. I am sorry CC. Thank you sweet Fuzzy husband. Maybe my phone will dry out overnight. It didn't look too good though. The display looked a little like a murky aquarium. What is it with our c…

Rain dancers needed

Back in Tampa. One more trip after this weekend and that should be it for awhile. It was fun initially but uncle. Between a sinus infection, extra hours at the store, Cara's year end activities, fire worries and normal life stuff it's too much. My new mantra is woe is me.

I was looking for a site earlier in the week that had updated evacuation information that I could share on the district's web site. I ran across this eye opener. Looks like we should all head for the hills. Needless to say I didn't share it on the web site. I think it would cause mass panic. God bless our firefighters.

On Thursday at 3:00am I was awakened by an unfamiliar sound and as I realized what I was hearing my heart sank. There were hundreds of birds in our neighborhood, evidently resting on their evacuation route, and they were all sounding the alarm. It was a haunting sound. I thought about all the immature animals that didn’t escape and imagined th…


So there's a fire about 20 miles north of us heading this way. Lots of helicopters in the sky. I think of all the things that are between us and this fire and it doesn't seem possible that it could be a threat. Just to be safe I am gathering up baby pictures. Another reason for digital backups.
livi's fiesta
click on Livi's picture to see the album. You can tell she doesn't feel great from her expressions. Poor baby. But Mom and Dad sure threw her a wonderful first birthday party.

I'm back

Livi had her first cold on her birthday last weekend. Bless her wittle heart. She was a trooper and partied on but the germ warfare spread. I went to the doc in the box yesterday and after a day of antibiotics I am already feeling human again. I had a fever for three days and it completely zapped my desire to live. I've been zombified. Poor Livi. Poor Cara. They've had it too but evidently fought it off better than I did. I am just glad to be back among the living. I left my camera at Jesse and Leaa's after the party so haven't been able to share any pictures yet.