One of the nice things about working in the Campbell Building is that I get to work with some really nice folks. My friend, Karen Lee, is our self proclaimed librarian and literacy promoter in the building. She is an extraordinary teacher, mentor and volunteers everywhere. She is consistently pleasant to everyone and genuinely cares about folks. She loves printed books, audio books and kiddie lit and she shares her collection generously with all. She turned me onto some of her audio books years ago and my commutes haven't been the same since. Not only is she passionate about literature but she also owns and loves all kinds of animals -goats, horses, dogs, guinea pigs and I'm not sure what else but her house sounds like a zoo when she describes it. Unfortunately for me, but joyously for her, she plans to retire next year. I am happy for her but already dreading not having her here everyday. I am looking forward to what her retirement adventures will bring though. She plans to write and blog and spend more time riding her horse. She has recently started a blog about a type of equestrian training that she is working on. You should visit her blog and leave a comment because we all know how much we look forward to comments.


Alyson & Ford said…
I know what you mean about having someone at work you enjoy having with you. I still remember quite vividly when my best teaching buddy walked over to me in the middle of the school year and told me they were leaving the field. I was stunned. I also remember thinking that if they're leaving I'm not so certain I want to be left behind. It ended up being my last year teaching as well. That was the same friend who eventually introduce me to the person who got me into the power business.

Looking forward to Cara's party!


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