Rain dancers needed

Back in Tampa. One more trip after this weekend and that should be it for awhile. It was fun initially but uncle. Between a sinus infection, extra hours at the store, Cara's year end activities, fire worries and normal life stuff it's too much. My new mantra is woe is me.

I was looking for a site earlier in the week that had updated evacuation information that I could share on the district's web site. I ran across this eye opener. Looks like we should all head for the hills. Needless to say I didn't share it on the web site. I think it would cause mass panic. God bless our firefighters.

On Thursday at 3:00am I was awakened by an unfamiliar sound and as I realized what I was hearing my heart sank. There were hundreds of birds in our neighborhood, evidently resting on their evacuation route, and they were all sounding the alarm. It was a haunting sound. I thought about all the immature animals that didn’t escape and imagined that I was hearing a chorus of mourning. Pray for rain.


Alyson & Ford said…
We have had enough smoke!!
We lost our lawn last year so now we are trying to plan a new landscape plan - "zero-scaping".

Hope all is getting better for you this week!


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