Weekend Fun

Last Tampa weekend and the trip got off to a shaky start. Just a mile or so from home my cell phone took a header right into my coffee cooler. I knew better than to put it on the console. Really I did. It was a careless, thoughtless act. This was not the first object to take this path. I've fished out lipstick and pens and a flash drive from other beverages sitting in that cup holder. I stopped at the school where Carl was installing a PA and confiscated his phone. This means that the new guys (who are doing a wonderful job at the store but still need to talk with him frequently for clarification) will not be able to reach him while he is finishing up the PA installation tomorrow. Carl has been very supportive of me doing this training at USF but I could tell the cell phone issue irked him. I am sorry CC. Thank you sweet Fuzzy husband. Maybe my phone will dry out overnight. It didn't look too good though. The display looked a little like a murky aquarium. What is it with our cell phones lately. Cara lost her Razor phone in the foam zone at Disney's Grad Night a few weeks ago. She has been using my old phone ( Nokia circa 1998) which is all the more uncool because she and Katie had plastered a jeweled guitar sticker on the back of it. They thought that it was hilarious that they had pimped Mom's phone. Cara, it is good that you are confident enough about your coolness that you don't feel threatened to be seen with that phone. You rock.

Must share a funny Katie story- she had me laughing and wheezing uncontrollably as she told it. She had worked her PR magic today to arrange an event around a blood drive that was a memorial tribute for a teacher who had passed away at their school. The camera crew from the local station showed up and all went as planned. They said it would be on the 5:00 news. She sent an email to all their people, she does fund raising too, so this was a big list of folks, to tell them to be sure to watch the news at 5:00. Unfortunately their story got preempted by a story about a liter of legless chihuahuas that was born in New Jersey. OK legless chihuahuas aren't funny but being preempted by them is, right? It really stings that these weren't even local legless chihuahuas. Bless her peapiepunkin heart. I am proud of your good sense of humor. We love you Katie. B'dawg this is one we need to record. Congratulations on your news btw. We are very proud of you and love you a lot.

Aerial Tribe's new CD is finished. I have new groovy tunes to enjoy. It is indeed a party for my ears. I was rocking out actually when my phone committed suicide. Every time I listen to it I feel such pride that our son, our baby boy, can create such beautiful music. I tried listening to the radio and some podcasts on the trip but I kept going back to the tribe. Look for Aerialistic - coming to cdbaby and itunes soon.

I need to go do some work. Goodnight Leaa and Livi and Jesse. Good night Carl. Goodnight Cara. Goodnight Katie and Barrett. Goodnight John Boy.


Alyson & Ford said…
Jesse and band need to enter the American Idol band contest - why not?

I have a new web photo album at http://picasaweb.google.com/acfm85/LiviCaraMay192007

Check out the pictures of Cara. We were able to see her before the big Prom event.She's beautiful!!

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