surprise - no plunger needed.

Jesse and Leaa gave Carl a unique gift for his birthday. His music store is almost 15 years old and needs a "make-over" but that project hasn't fallen on our radar screen just yet. (The termite damage at home has to take precedent.) While we were out of town, Jesse and Leaa with Cara's assistance as a babysitter, redid one of the rooms at the store. They painted and retiled and redecorated the public restroom . They did an amazing job. I'll share pictures soon . Carl had no idea that they had done it. When he came into work, after being off for a week, he found a note on his office door that said there was something in the front restroom that needed his attention. Of course he expected to see a clogged toilet or something else broken so it was a nice surprise. How cool and thoughtful is that? Thanks kids.

Comment from one of our customers - Who turned Martha Stewart loose in your bathroom?


Alyson & Ford said…
Leaa was telling us what she and Jesse were up too. We'll have to stop by and check it out!
How awesome! That is a really neat gift.

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