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A happy girl

We got to spend some time with Jesse and Leaa and Livi this weekend. Livi is over her virus and back to being her normal good- natured self. She plays and entertains herself for hours on end. She likes to have you join her and she loves learning new things but if you are occupied with something else she is good on her own. Jesse and Leaa you have done good! She is a happy self-confident little person because you have done a great job of giving her all that she needs. I am so proud of you guys.

unique centerpiece

photo by Cara I think.

good to know

I taught at a Technology and Learning Institute a couple of weeks ago that was a lot of fun. It was held at the UF Hilton Conference Center. I loved working with the folks from USF and the Master Digital Educators that I had trained with in Tampa. They are a fun group of people and I always learn new things when I am around them. The accommodations were also lovely except, and this was a big except for technology training, the internet did not work consistently. The wireless routers evidently couldn't handle the traffic. Or...? Anyone's guess is as good as another here. We trained 200 people though and lived without the internet but it was very inconvenient. For some reason a team of smart people working on the problem could never resolve it so the trainers scrambled at night to make sure we had downloaded items that we might need to share the next day. It was a relief to find the video I've posted below that explains what went wrong.

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photos in my future

I just ordered my camera, a Cannon Power Shot SD 800. Now I wait. Shopping on line is so convenient except for the wait. Patience isn't one of my stronger virtues. I'm looking forward to being back in business soon. Livi has grown some and I haven't documented it, although I'm sure someone has. Her paparazzi is usually relentless.

Nollie saw a vet in Gainesville today who uses acupuncture and chiropractic medicine to treat hip and back problems. Go ahead and giggle. I did. But her results are reportedly good so we are going to try it. She didn't tolerate the needles well and the doctor didn't want to traumatize her so acupuncture is out but the other treatment may help. She is putting more weight on the other leg now. This doctor thinks it's nerve damage from some kind of trauma too and believes she will continue to improve. We have to limit her exercise (no attempts at chasing squirrels allowed- she tried that the other day and fell over) so we'll hav…

Nollie update

So we've had a rather tremulous couple of weeks. I taught at a four day technology institute in Gainesville last week and while I was gone something happened to Nollie. When Carl came home on Monday night she couldn't stand up. I think she probably took a fall down the stairs (she swears alcohol wasn't involved either) . Our vet didn't give us much hope. Nollie has hip dysplasia and the doctor thought a double hip replacement might be the only way that she would ever walk again. We couldn't even consider that as an option for several reasons. The price tag was the BIG reason but even if we had an extra 10,000 or so for the surgery they can't guarantee that she would be able to walk and it just seemed like too much to put her through. So on Thursday, in between teaching classes, I was on the phone with Carl and the vet trying to decide what to do. It didn't look good. I went to see Nollie when I got home on Friday and it was heartbreaking. The front half wa…

why aren't we at the beach?

I'm not sure I can go all summer without at least a long weekend at the beach. I thought I could but now I am having second thoughts. Anybody else want to join me?

Livi can blow rasberries


Happy 4th

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