good to know

I taught at a Technology and Learning Institute a couple of weeks ago that was a lot of fun. It was held at the UF Hilton Conference Center. I loved working with the folks from USF and the Master Digital Educators that I had trained with in Tampa. They are a fun group of people and I always learn new things when I am around them. The accommodations were also lovely except, and this was a big except for technology training, the internet did not work consistently. The wireless routers evidently couldn't handle the traffic. Or...? Anyone's guess is as good as another here. We trained 200 people though and lived without the internet but it was very inconvenient. For some reason a team of smart people working on the problem could never resolve it so the trainers scrambled at night to make sure we had downloaded items that we might need to share the next day. It was a relief to find the video I've posted below that explains what went wrong.


LOVED! The video! How creative! It was great to see you again in Gainesville. Tell all of Putnum County I said hi! Enjoy the rest of the summer.

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