Nollie update

So we've had a rather tremulous couple of weeks. I taught at a four day technology institute in Gainesville last week and while I was gone something happened to Nollie. When Carl came home on Monday night she couldn't stand up. I think she probably took a fall down the stairs (she swears alcohol wasn't involved either) . Our vet didn't give us much hope. Nollie has hip dysplasia and the doctor thought a double hip replacement might be the only way that she would ever walk again. We couldn't even consider that as an option for several reasons. The price tag was the BIG reason but even if we had an extra 10,000 or so for the surgery they can't guarantee that she would be able to walk and it just seemed like too much to put her through. So on Thursday, in between teaching classes, I was on the phone with Carl and the vet trying to decide what to do. It didn't look good. I went to see Nollie when I got home on Friday and it was heartbreaking. The front half was happy to see me and looked fine but the back half was down for the count. The doctor suggested waiting a few days ( thank heavens ) to see if she might improve and sure enough by Saturday she was putting a little weight on one of her back legs. Today she walked into the room for our visit on three legs without the help of the hip sling that had been required yesterday. I may be able to bring her home tomorrow. No stairs, rough housing or playing catch on slippery floors ever again for the Noles. I am just glad she is getting better.


katie said…
I'm so glad she's feeling better, too! Give her hugs for me and Barrett and Aggie.

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