photos in my future

I just ordered my camera, a Cannon Power Shot SD 800. Now I wait. Shopping on line is so convenient except for the wait. Patience isn't one of my stronger virtues. I'm looking forward to being back in business soon. Livi has grown some and I haven't documented it, although I'm sure someone has. Her paparazzi is usually relentless.

Nollie saw a vet in Gainesville today who uses acupuncture and chiropractic medicine to treat hip and back problems. Go ahead and giggle. I did. But her results are reportedly good so we are going to try it. She didn't tolerate the needles well and the doctor didn't want to traumatize her so acupuncture is out but the other treatment may help. She is putting more weight on the other leg now. This doctor thinks it's nerve damage from some kind of trauma too and believes she will continue to improve. We have to limit her exercise (no attempts at chasing squirrels allowed- she tried that the other day and fell over) so we'll have to take her out on a leash for awhile but that's easy enough. She's on muscle relaxers, pain relievers, anti inflammatory drugs and some other stuff but it all seems to be working.


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