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well she looks just a little like her Dad too.


This is my sister Carol ( several years ago) . I think Livi looks a lot like her.I should have removed the pencil mark ? on her face before I posted but you get the idea.Isn't she beautiful!

Livi chillin with her Dad


I'm playing around with Skype. Any other Skype users out there reading this? I get a recording error when I dial a number. Need a manual or a helpful friend. I bet my nerdy friend Stephen could have this working in no time. He's unavailable currently. So Cara, download Skype and let's see how it works. Could be just the thing to keep you from having to get that second job to pay your iPhone bill. Did you see where the $100.00 that Steve is keeping is being called a nerd tax. ouch.

So we are kind of waterlogged here. Lots of rain. Good for us but soggy.
thumbnail lifted from
Nano is playing a lullaby. Thinking of you Katie and Barrett and little Suzy or Hercules or Smokey.

same pictures as below except in flash

a baby,a banana, and a basket

There should be a story in that somewhere, don't you think? We've had a fun day with the kids and Justin, Nicole, Kilee, Brenda and Jake joined us to celebrate Cara's birthday. Livi and Kilee played so hard. They should sleep well tonight. Click on the picture to see the album that Cara shot.

Baby got 'tude

Jesse captured this with his cell phone on Sunday. She seems right at home in the captain's seat doesn't she?

mysterious mail

Does anyone know why I am getting all these notices about driving schools? I drive like a little old lady but who ratted me out?

when Cara still needed water wings

Cara, our youngest, is nineteen years old today. Gulp. She is attending classes and working and she appears to be grown. While I am overjoyed that she is thriving and experiencing all this good college stuff I am also a little mortified. How can she possibly be that old?

I confessed to her the other day that I haven't been able to go into her room and clean as I had intended after she moved out because every time I go in there it makes me sad. I am glad you are coming home next weekend. That will inspire me to get to it.

Happy Birthday Cara. Love you and can't wait for you to come home.

Labor Day 07

livi 9-3-07
Click on the picture to see the album

It was a good day to play under the sprinkler.It was also a good day to enjoy family, friends and delicious eats at Jesse and Leaa's. Thanks!!!

Looking very fashionable


Nollie has a new do

And thanks to our new groomer she looks good. Normally when we have her clipped she looks rough for a few weeks but this lady knows her stuff. Her shop is called Happy Tails. :) It was clean, reasonably priced and she worked fast so Nollie didn't have to stay in a kennel all day. Yeah! A new good service in town. Those are hard to find in this armpit of the south in which we reside. Speaking of armpits, I saw a segment on unusual jobs this morning on one of the morning shows. Did you know that there are people who sniff armpits for a living? eeuuu. They do research for companies who make deodorant. I think I would much prefer to be a professional ice cream taster.

Cara is in Americus this weekend working with Habitat. The group that she traveled with from school will get to meet Jimmy Carter tomorrow too. She shot us a fast email last night to let us know they had arrived safely. It sounds like she is having fun. Our baby. Helping others and meeting one of my favorite people. Mak…