a baby,a banana, and a basket

There should be a story in that somewhere, don't you think? We've had a fun day with the kids and Justin, Nicole, Kilee, Brenda and Jake joined us to celebrate Cara's birthday. Livi and Kilee played so hard. They should sleep well tonight. Click on the picture to see the album that Cara shot.


Alyson & Ford said…
Thank you so much for the pictures of both our grands. Kilee looks so angelic... hummm.... Hope all is well with Cara and her college adventures.

m said…
I love that close up of Kilee. She was a doll. She was so sweet to Livi and so willing to please. I felt like I had two grand daughters. Cara is doing well. She's coming home next weekend too so we'll get to see her again soon. Cara has slept a lot this weekend. I think she's tired.

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