Nollie has a new do

And thanks to our new groomer she looks good. Normally when we have her clipped she looks rough for a few weeks but this lady knows her stuff. Her shop is called Happy Tails. :) It was clean, reasonably priced and she worked fast so Nollie didn't have to stay in a kennel all day. Yeah! A new good service in town. Those are hard to find in this armpit of the south in which we reside. Speaking of armpits, I saw a segment on unusual jobs this morning on one of the morning shows. Did you know that there are people who sniff armpits for a living? eeuuu. They do research for companies who make deodorant. I think I would much prefer to be a professional ice cream taster.

Cara is in Americus this weekend working with Habitat. The group that she traveled with from school will get to meet Jimmy Carter tomorrow too. She shot us a fast email last night to let us know they had arrived safely. It sounds like she is having fun. Our baby. Helping others and meeting one of my favorite people. Makes me proud indeed. She is doing good. Carl has been hammering and sawing all day too. He's working in the room at the top of the stairs. We plan to turn one end of it into a little reading nook / library and the other into a gym. The push is on again to make some progress around here.


Alyson & Ford said…
Jimmy Carter is one of my favorites too...ever since 1976.

Good for Cara - we will miss her at the family party.


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