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Nov pics

New Album 11/26/07 9:59 PM
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It's good to be home. Birmingham and Jackson were fun. Seeing everyone was priceless but long car trips just ain't no fun. We were on the road for eleven hours yesterday. I needed a day to recover but (woe is me) I had to work today from 7:30 to 6:00. I taught a fun class tonight though so that sort of revived me. Pictures to follow soon.

Lesson Learned

Surfing while traveling at 80 mph may cause nausea.

Live from I-10

Hiddy Ho there neighbors. We are on our way to Birmingham. Just snagged Cara from her dorm. Carl is driving 80 mph and I am surfing and blogging. I love technology.
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New Album 11/12/07 1:15 PM

More pictures of Livi because we can't get enough

Exceptionally groovy music provided by Aerial Tribe -available from i-Tunes and CD Baby.

I'm playing around with the slideshow feature in iphoto and while it is very cool the quality isn't as good as the flash file that Picasa's web album generates. hmmm. Wonder if I'm doing something wrong? The music is good though. Can't do that with Picasa web albums ...yet.

I almost felt sorry for Microsoft after watching the new Mac ad. Almost. Loved the political comparisons. getamac/ads/ You have to click on the podium ad once you get there.

At home today putting off the store's bookwork that I need to do. Hohum. Must go get to it.

Cara's new blog

Cara has a new blog. It's still named And Something Big but has a new url. Visit here. When did my kid grow up? I am proud of you Pea-pie. You are still a Pea-pie around here you know.

Livi, who Carl is calling Sugar-pie, is napping. We enjoyed our lunch with Ford and Aly and Carolyn when they dropped her off today. We really do have a village here and it's wonderful. Jesse and Leaa are in Savannah so we're sharing the baby while they are gone. Happy anniversary Jesse and Leaa. Hope you are having fun.

The eeeu ohoh show

PalatkaPalooza - are you ready for this?

This is a new concert venue for the students in Carl's music instruction program. I like the name. I think it's going to be a lot of fun. Carl takes his students out to play at the fair and in schools and occasionally a festival but this is a first for this concert. The bands have recorded CDs which will be released at the concert. He's asking for a donation of school supplies for admittance which I think is a great idea. Most supply drives occur at the beginning of the year so by January they need to be replenished. The supplies will be donated to the district to distribute.


Love this picture from Leaa. Caption could read - This way Cinderella. There's more candy this way!

site for JDC

I got in a bit of trouble for linking Jesse's new site before he was ready to go public :) but he's been working on it and now I can say you should go there for real. He wanted a site that was super simple and straight forward yet aesthetically pleasing. I think it looks good and the sounds files are a party for my ears.

New Livi Pictures


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