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home from FETC

I am home from Orlando and not good for much. Carl said I would need a couple of days to sleep off the trip and I think he's right. I gathered lots of good information, fell in love with Photoshop again, negotiated a killer price on a product that some of our schools are interested in and saw lots of friends. I think we may have also, finally, set the wheels in motion for a networked gradebook. Not a bad trip. The FMDE program has made the state a smaller place for me. Every time I turned around I ran into someone I knew...another benefit of the program that is not advertised in the brochure.

It's cold and rainy here today. Franny is visiting and she and Nollie will definitely need a bath today. They are having a ball though. Nollie is limping and can barely get up but she has a smile on her face. I bought her a new doggy bed yesterday and she has graciously turned it over to Franny.I know it's all about pack hierarchy but I prefer to think it means she is a good hostess. T…
I stole this picture from Ford and Aly's blog. Such cuteness should be spread around. It's ok. No hate mail please. We do this from time to time with each other's blessing. We are fam-i-leee. The table and chairs were our Christmas gift to Livi.



sorry about the color scheme Cara.

iphone shots

iphone photos. I've been playing around with these in Picasa.Wish the camera was a little better but it's not bad. I noticed that my vertical to horizontal image flippy feature isn't working right since my update this week. Has anyone else had that problem?

Carl is working in the room at the top of the stairs until kickoff. He picked the last of the Satsumas today. There was one branch, the highest of course, that had about twenty large beautiful satsumas left on it. Barrett and I had decided they were unattainable when he was picking the rest of the fruit off this tree over the Christmas holidays. They had been taunting me for weeks every time I looked out the kitchen window. They were so high that Carl didn't try to cut them off, he just yanked 'em and I stood below and caught. (Only one fatality and it wasn't Carl so that was good) We'll need help eating them fast since the skins are torn. Volunteers?

We went for a brief walk this morning but the cold chas…

At the Park


Click on the picture to see the album

Should you play with your food?


Carl in his element.

Do I need to see someone?

So I'm buzzing around the house this morning, enjoying being home. I 'm cooking, cleaning, decorating, watching some political spinning, visiting with hubby, when all of a sudden this irresistible urge came over me to dress my iphone for the rainy day that we are having here. I think I may need to see someone about this. Or maybe it's just fun to be creative even if your brand of creativity is questioned by those who love you the most. :) If I really wanted to get creative I could advertise my favorite finds using my iphone for the model. For example this site had way cute wellies and this site had a hip umbrella ( I think so at least - since I am not hip it's hard to know)

Things I would like to do in 08

Get to know a young lady named Stella,
Continue to build loving relationships with my family and friends,
Shed 50 pounds,
Volunteer more, help more,
Receive and roll out a huge ol grant for PCSD teachers,
Become more organized,
Learn more about photography, dynamic web design, and life
Get in a couple of fun trips,
See at least one more major project finished in our home,
Not die.

a coyote blog

This one is for you Karen Lee. As I was reading it I knew you would enjoy. Lovely pictures too.

B takes the lead

Mama's got a brand new toy

i-phone accessories are essential too. brrrr. It's cold in Florida.

Today I linked in the flash ad that I do for the district's web site. The site is a bit addictive and since you are helping to feed the hungry by playing, it is easy to justify the addiction. Omphaloskepsis stumped me.

I think I'll go be omphaloskeptical now.