Saturday, January 26, 2008

home from FETC

I am home from Orlando and not good for much. Carl said I would need a couple of days to sleep off the trip and I think he's right. I gathered lots of good information, fell in love with Photoshop again, negotiated a killer price on a product that some of our schools are interested in and saw lots of friends. I think we may have also, finally, set the wheels in motion for a networked gradebook. Not a bad trip. The FMDE program has made the state a smaller place for me. Every time I turned around I ran into someone I knew...another benefit of the program that is not advertised in the brochure.

It's cold and rainy here today. Franny is visiting and she and Nollie will definitely need a bath today. They are having a ball though. Nollie is limping and can barely get up but she has a smile on her face. I bought her a new doggy bed yesterday and she has graciously turned it over to Franny.I know it's all about pack hierarchy but I prefer to think it means she is a good hostess. They are sleeping side by side now.

I've put on a pot of white bean soup which is smelling heavenly and have started a load of laundry. Guess I need to go get busy with other chores. It's nice to be home.

Oh BTW, before I go, I ran into Jon Armstrong on Twitter today. Heather is in the hospital. They have all been sick on their vacation from the snow. Twitter is a surprising source for many things. And the internet is an amazing( G-ma's favorite word) place. We have followed this talented young family and talk about them as if we actually know them. Hope you guys feel better soon, John and Heather. Hope Leta is not sick too. Our hearts go out to you about sucky vacations. You've evidently angered the vacation Gods. We know all about this phenomenon. When we rent a condo on the beach we know to take hurricane supplies. I think you needed a prayer upon arrival as well as in the car at the start of the trip.

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Alyson & Ford said...

That's darn cool... I was following Dooce on the trip and it did seem like from the get go - things just were not going well. I cracked up about your vacation adventures at the beach and the hurricanes :)

Glad to have you home.